Saint Joseph’s University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Food options are very limited. The lottery system for choosing classes and on-campus housing is HORRIBLE.


not as much space as I would like


Finding scholarships to cover the rest of the tuition because it is so high.




The most frustratitng aspect of my school concerns the course registration process. Course registration is difficult given small class sizes and relatively few sections of a course being offered during a particualr semester. The main factor governing this is the incorporation of General Education Requirements which require students to take numerous courses in several different areas of study to coincide with the mission of the university. The result of such requirements include certain courses to be much more popular than others in conjunction with the stress that one is under to ensure completion of all program requirements by graduation.


professors in my department are sometimes difficult to get in touch with put a lot of emphasis on theology and philosophy classes--when i could be concentrating on more classes that interest me


People don't take academics seriously, even as upper classman


The fact that there is always something due every day of the week regardless of the classes that you have.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the liberal arts cirriculum. I was a business student and had to take religion, history, philosophy, etc. courses. I think some liberal arts classes are useful, maybe one from each discipline, but the load at my school was excessive.


Hands down the culture of the students and lack of interesting things to do around campus. Center city is close, but sutdents are hardly encouraged to venture in and expand their cultural horizons. Also, teachers for entry level and some 2nd year courses are very inadequate teachers. The upper level and speciality teachers are very good. The other extremely frustrating thing about St Joes is the lack of options. If you are a business student and want to explore other options, it just doesn;t happen and most likely the school doesn't even offer many other options.


For minority students, it is frustrating to fit in and feel welcomed. As far as academically, it can be frustrating trying to allot time for academics and still maintain a social life.


The size and that our Rugby team isnt supported enough and i wish we had a football team


There exists a clear division between those involved in everything and those involved in nothing. A portion of the student body is apathetic and unmotivated in their interactions on an academic and extracurricular level.