Saint Joseph’s University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


They key to being successful at this school is to come in with an open mind and heart to new ideas, experiences and kinds of people. The people at this school are hard-working and driven to excel both in and outside of the classroom. That being said I wish I knew how important it was to get involved from the very beginning of freshman year in clubs and activities in order to find my nitch sooner on this campus.


Do not worry, you have found the perfect school for you.


I wish I had known how much I did not know about myself. I had my whole life planned out, and I thought all I had to do was work on accomplishing my goals. By the first time I went home for break, though, I did not want to go back. I no longer knew who I was, or what I wanted from life. It was not until second semester that I realized that this feeling is something almost every student experiences. College is an opportunity to learn, not just about your major, but also about yourself.


I wish I had known how much money I was going to spend on going out and having fun.


How great it is.


I wish I had known that many people here go to high school together.


How small a student body of 5,000 can really be


That the tuition would go up 12% a year and the scholarships wouldn't.


Professors WANT to help their students succeed (for the most part). They are available during their office hours and expect students to come in. They never seem inconvenienced or bothered when you ask for help.


Internships are very important.


I wish I knew what the social life was like on weekends.


How to study better. I was very smart in high school so I rarely opened a book. That doesn't work here!


How great the school actually is and that there are many opportunities outside of the classroom to enhance your academic potential.


I wish that I had known that St. Joseph's was not actually in the city of Philadelphia. It is more on the outskirts then i thought. Also I wish I had known that there was not much diversity on campus, a lot of the people are the same.