Saint Leo University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are a group of students spreadout across the nation; employed in a diverse working environment with 1 goal in common- brought together to fulfill their dreams in this great country of ourst- the dream/goal to make a difference in not only their lives but their communities, city, state and country.


All the students are actually pretty friendly. Though some may not take their time here seriously, the majority are motivated in attaining a higher education. There are so many diverse students here and anywhere you look you can see all types of people getting along.


My classmates are kind and generous, they are always there to help out anyone in need.


We are like one big family!


My classmates were very enthusiatic about the classes that we were taking even the gen-ed classes.


You can find every type of person here.


I fell sorry for the future.


My classmates at Saint Leo are very nice and easy to talk to


Most of my classmates are timely, motivated, and friendly.


The students at St. Leo are very friendly and giving. It was one of the reasons I chose the school. I liked that it is community based and everyone is linked. It's not just linked behind some sports team.


Classmates are friendly and helpful. You will often form study groups with people in your class which can help you do better with your work and classes. There is a great mixture of people who are really focused and those who do not care as much academically. Make sure you allign yourself with people who are focused because you want to do well in school.


The students in my current Research Methods class are enthusiastic, energetic, engaging, encouraging, respectful towards others, and help create a wonderful learning environment.


My classmates are extremely helpful, smart, and caring people.


My classmates at St. Petersburg College are always interesting and friendly towards me.


I believe that my classmates should be supportive of each and every person that goes to school to pursue their higher education.


My classmates are friendly, unconditionally accepting, goal orientated, and are equally concerned with our success as their own!


Saintleo students are very helpful to others. If you dont understand theres other students on campus that would sit down with you one on one and help with your work.


Our student body is extremely diverse. Many students come from the islands, and as far as europe, even asia. It is awesoem because you can meet different types of people in every class, which makes for interesting discussions, especially in political science. Students wear pretty much anythign to class. What ever you want to wear go ahead and wear. In one classroom you can see a girl in pumps sitting next to a girl in her PJ's, same goes for guys. It is just an alla round chill campus!


Very diverse. A lot of people from up north like NY and NJ. People from all over the world like the Virgin Islands, Canada, Europe, and Asia.


Most of my classmates are much younger than me, but are focused with future goals in mind.


Serious about their futures.


My class mates are pretty engaged and friendly. Most of the students work full time and are older.


I am currently enrolling in an online college to get my bachelors.


My classmates are an adventurous crowd.


Friendly and cautious yet we bond when it is time as a team while in class.


My classmates are very diverse and I find there are a lot of cliques.


Some are egar to learn while otheres are here for fun.


They are a varied bunch of individuals who have often dealt with very difficult family or 'back home' issues but now come to Saint Leo with a different outlook on life and a new perspective.


there tends to be closeness between classmates because the class size is small.


We try hard to be respectful of one another and help when we can.