Saint Leo University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The teachers are very well rounded in the areas they teach and take joy in teaching it. My professors are kind and apply the lesson in way that draws one's attention.


Professors will learn your name so quickly and you cans ee them around campus on any given day. They are really nice and truly care. Students get together at the library to study or even out side in many open areas, the campus is so pretty and the weather is awesome; pretty much all the time! My department for my major (political science) is awesome, they are always there to help you. You cant find your advisor, talk to some one else they all can help whether its your advisors or some one elses advisor.


All the professors learn your name and most will still know it years after you graduate and come back for Alumni weekend to party!! Some of the staff make up a band that performs at the local bar! It’s so cool to see them hanging out with the students.