Saint Leo University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Saint Leo University?


Considering I live in Massachusetts and I go to a gorgeous school in Florida, I mostly brag about the gorgeous weather and location. I love the location of Saint Leo University because you can go North, South, East or West and still find a good city. There are endless activites to do, which leads to several school based trips for minimal costs.


When I tell my friends about Saint Leo, I brag about the community and family. I also brag about all of the free or cheap trips!


The ease of access, flexibility with my busy schedule, and the professors are wonderful. In addition, the university really focuses on helping students navigate through the entire process. I receive follow up phone calls and emails asking constantly from my advisors asking how I am doing with my curriculum. They really have it together at Saint Leo!


I brag about the weather and the small class sizes.


I always tell my friends how lucky I am to be at a Small School that is generally concerned about me and what I do. The classes are never more than 20-25 I believe and ALL my professors know or try to know my name. It's not like my cousins who go to big schools and use a clicker to count whos in the class; I have a reason to go to class. I alos like the people on campus, everyone knows or has seen each other and are all friends. Its great :)


The fact that it is a private school and its not a big state school with thousands of people. You are able to talk to the teachers if you need help


When I tell anyone about Saintleo University I always brag about the support staff, they offer and that is the reason my grades are so good. They never no matter what it's about make a student feel belittled for anything. If the person was asked and he or she didn't know they found out and called me right back. They have even called me and helped me keep up with registration for classes, they go above and beyond the extra mile to help their students all the way through.


That I feel that I get more support online than they do at their university. I have a personal advisor, a re-enrollment specialist, and a personal link to a library support person. I do not feel that I am missing the university experience because I am an online student.


The thing I like best about Saint Leo is that in Virginia where I attend, there are programs geared for adult learners such as myself. The classes are usually small and intimate, and the cost per 3 credit hour course is not prohibitive. The instructors are very accessible and it is a pleasure taking instruction from them. They are attuned to the fact that adult learners have many responsibilities and so are flexible when it is necessary for the adult learner. Classes are accelerated and an 8 week course literally flies by. I wholeheartedly recommend St. Leo to anyone. Thanks.


Feeling of community, no class differences( everyone hangs out with everyone else), food isGREAT!, campus housing, and the Professors have worked in the fields that they teach so they have more than theoretical knowledge, they have practical knowledge and they lend their experiences to help the student get a real understanding of what its like on the job.