Saint Leo University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about this school is very small. I would have to say that it would be the cafeteria hours. They aren't flexible enough for some students who classes might take up what time they would have to eat there.


The cost per credit hour seems rather high in comparision to some of the universities in my area. However due to my busy schedule, I chose this school due to their Center for Online Learning.


It was a private Catholic University. Therefore, the cost per credit hour was twice that of a regular university. It is extremely expensive to attend classes at Saint Leo University.


I honestly haven't had any difficulties while attending Saint Leo University.


I am currently attending the Center For Online Learning and have found that some of the leisons do not respond as quickly as I would like.


If you do not have a car or job it is hard to get around and be able to get things that you need on a daily basis.


The standards of people they let in. Saint Leo lets any body into their school and it shows in there student body. A lot of the students do not care about academics and this makes it annoying for the people who do take their classes seriously.


So far I have not had an bad experiences. The professors and advisors have been very helpful and knowledgable.


I would have to say the worst thing was that construction was going on, or tests at 8AM were difficult at the age of 70 and having to drive 45 minutes one way.


I attend the Ocala, Florida campus, rather than the Main Campus, and our center does not allow for any extra curriculars. There are no sports, clubs/ organizations, or fraternities/sororities. I consider this the worst thing because it forces us to focus on academics all the time, providing little stress relief on campus. We must look to the activities available in town instead.


The worst thing about my school would be the inability to reach some of the faculty members. Throughout the day when I have a question I am unable to find them because of their limited time they spend here on campus.


The worst thing I can think of is it's in Florida which is across the United States diangular to Washington where I'm from.


There is no social life since most of my classes are online.


Having to live in dorms with roommates.


The worst thing about Saint Leo University would be the fact that many students do not take their coursework seriously. There are many students that put social events (mostly including alcohol) in front of academic needs. Drug use is common among undergraduates, and hinders the community from remaining true to it's values.


The worst thing I consider at my school is the location. I consider this the worse thing because there is no public transporation available for students that do not own a car. Therefore, it is sometimes an inconvenience in some situations.


Nothing I enjoyed it.


The food is terrible. Its really easy to get behind on your work and lose grades. the +/- system screws over the GPA


The F/a issues that don't get resolved in a timely fashion.


Everything is a drive away. IF you have no car it is difficult to get around to places.


The population of the school is definitely rising, but I feel that alot of kids think the school is too small and were expecting some kind of raging big 10 school. The school is small, but the Tampa area is just growing year by year.


The worst thing about Saint Leo University is the parking situation. I live in off campus housing and it may take me 30 minutes or longer to find a parking spot. The school needs to add a lot more parking, due to the increases in the amount of students they are accepting.


I consider the help you receive from the financial aid office to be the worst thing. You never have the opportunity to speak to someone that can help you. You are always routed to someone who can't and they never return your calls.


I would consider parking the worse thing at our school right now. It sort ofgoes along with all the construction and renovations.


In my opinion, the worst aspect of Saint Leo University is the utter and total failure when it comes to interdeparmental communication - there is none!!!!


The worst thing about my school is the run around FInancial Services gives you, but it all works out in the end.


I consider the financial aid staff to be the worse department at my school because at many of my experiences, the staff did not work on the students behalf. They representatives just seem to be receiving a paycheck for themselves.


the worst thing would be some of the parking spaces.


Most students don't take school very seriously. The majority of them spend their time partying while their parents pay the bills. This interferes with the learning environment and the classes, as teachers have to reteach or teach down to those who don't do their work.