Saint Leo University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone, but it is majoritly a Catholic school.


Any person who is willing to work hard to achieve great things. This school is very diverse and has so many great programs. Especially kids who want to major in sports business, we have one of the best programs here.


I believe that anyone with a good sense of knowledge of themselves and of their family should attend this school. I also feel that people should realize that this school is for someone who likes to be involved with religion.


Working adults, military personnel, or anyone that has a fulltime job. They may have a campus for traditional students, but the night, weekend and online classes makes it ideal for us working profesionals.


Saint Leo is a very diverse school. There are students from 39 different states and 29 different countries. Although it is a Catholic founded school, the campus is non-denominational. Saint Leo offers small class sizes. Students that need one on one help from their professors should attend this school.


The students that I think should attend this college is those who would like to be close to home or those who don't want to follow their friends and be a party animal. This school is for those who want to get a degree and make something out of themselves. Students who want to attend here should be the one 's who has patients to be in college. Once you attend here you will enjoy the values of the school and would like to learn more about the history.


Very outgoing.


This school would best fit a student with other important life commitments who need professors to also care about their grades and push them and challenge them to go beyond what they were capable of, without pressuring them into failed attempts in and outside of class.


people who like to think outside the box and who do not want to go to a particularly large university, but still want that college feel. Must be willing to be around people of all different cultures and religious beliefs and who come from different places around the country and world.


Saint Leo University is what you make it. You can sit in your room and not be social. Or you can go out and get involved in campus and make a name for yourself. The more involved you are the more fun college is. You make more friends and you enjoy your overall college experience more if you are involved in your college.


Someone who appreciates nature, who wants to love who they become, and who wants to succeed in life.


The person that should attend this school has to be open-minded and willing to experice new situations. Even though Saint Leo University is a private Catholic school, they are open to all religious faiths and beliefs. A person like myself should attend this school, someone that is willing to meet new people and experience new cultures. With the many races attending Saint Leo it is very easy for a new student to find new intrests outside of the classroom.


A person that is determined to complete their education.


A person that does not need a lot of attention, but that can still have a good time.


Someone who likes small towns, everybody knowing who you are, someone who holds up values, and someone who wants a personalized education.


A person who prefers a small class size. A medium sized campus and great professors.


Anyone should attend school who is driven and willing to achieve more out of what life has to offer an individual.


Any kind of person could attend this school.


Roman Catholic for sure. I believe this college is great and is for everyone. But its very small, small classes lets you interact with the teacher 1 on 1 more which I love. A quite person should not attend this school as they might be called on more than once.


Anyone who is willing to put themselves in a different atmosphere who is willing to work hard if you believe you are right and anyone who wants to work with real people who are well known especially in the Criminal Justice field.