Saint Leo University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that isn't motivated and that don't want to further their education and be a well-rounded person because in this world the job places are so competitive.


If you like a schol that really allows you to connect with the campus enviroment and professors, then this is the school for you. Small class sizes allow for intimate conversations between students and professors. Also, this is the perfect place for anyone looking to take that first step toward independence.


Anyone can attend.


smart , nice , kind,outgoing


The type of person who should not attend this school is someone who is not hard working, or someone who can't afford to pay for it. This is because all of these classes require a lot of work to be done from you, and if you don't do the work then you will fail. AS for the finial situation, Saint Leo University is a very expensive school so I'd advise if you don't have a full scholarship, grants, or wealthy parents then you should find a school that is less expensive and that is public school.


If you are going to have trouble paying off the tuition or unable to pay it off in the payment plan that they have set up then it is probably not a good idea to attend. Otherwise, I don't see anything wrong.


I would encourage all people interested in furthering there education to attend this school


someone who hates hard academic work is better off not furthering their education especially at saint leo's.


If you do not like the small town feel nor a community sense of gathering the school is not for you.


Person who is lazy.


I do not feel that there is any type of person that should not go to school. If a person has a goal they should go to school. There are enough schools with the type of classes and the help for them to learn. Look I am going back to school at the age of 49 and disable.


Someone who is not self motivated and willing to work hard. If you are serious about your education St. Leo is a great school choice.


someone who is not dedicated and disciplined enough to set goals and get all assigned work completed each week online


If someone isn't ready to learn at a faced paced level they need not apply! Saint Leo is for hardworking students of any age that understand the value of a great education packed into 8 week semesters!


A person who doesn't like a small, low key, down to earth school where lots of parties don't go on. Also if they don't like being in the middle of a rural area with cows, you wouldn't like Saint Leo.


I think any type of person could be very successful at this school.


A dead person shouldn't attend this school.


A person who is not self discliplined should not attend Saint Leo. To be an online student takes dedication to your studies and lots of hard work. You teach yourself. You decide when and how much work you should complete in a day or week. You have to be highly organized and driven. If you don't meet any of the qualities, then you should re-think your options.


The person who shouldnt attend this school, is one who wants to be around tons of people. Who wants to party more than they want to learn. Someone who does not want to join in on student activities and rather do there own thing. Someone who wants to get lost in there college life because the school they choose was so big. This school is small and only for a certain type of person who likes to be able to get that one on one with professors. People who dont have money to pay for school this isnt place them.


If you are interested in parties, binge drinking, and drug use this school in NOT for you


Someone who wants to attend a big college and not know everyone. At Saint Leo, you recognize faces and everyone pretty much knows everyone.


A person that does not like to study, share ideas, grow as a person, and those that would rather party should not attend this school.


a person who needs the city life. this campus is in a small town, (the school is pretty much the city) but it is 20 minutes from tampa and city-like life


A catholic.


Someone who is not able to do online or limited program courses.