Saint Leo University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the small classrooms and how the professor can and will alwaus help you no matter what you are going through. We have free tutors here everything is just a step away all you have to do is use it and you will maintain all the things you will need.


The Learning Resource Center, because no matter what subject students may be struggling with they always try their best to help out every student to get the best grade possible.


The best thing about my school would be the people which I have met here, whether its making new friends or new connections at jobs or volunteering events.


I love the close relationships I have formed wth some of my teachers and especially my academic advisor. It's nice to know that if I am having touble in one of my classes, I can just stop by my professor's office and shoot them a question, or ask how I'm doing grade wise, or even just to talk about life and catch up. My advisor has been great to me and really helpped me to figure out what classes I should be taking and when. I just love the whole idea that my professors know my name.


The best thing about my school is the online classes. I love the online classes because it saves me a lot of gas and I get to work at my own pace. Also, I love that two classes is considered full time.


The best thing about my school is that the class size is extremely small. You generally have 25 to 30 students or less. This allows you to have a good relationship with your teachers and they take an interest in you as well. The teachers and the other students genuinely care about who you are.


people are nice


The best thing about my school is that there are people and staff that pull together to make it a close knit University that shows passion and concern for the students and others. My school has a good curriculum which is very organized.


The small class size is a big plus. It allows my professors to have a stronger rapport with the class and provide one on one attention to those students who need it the most.


The best thing about Saint Leo University is that it is a religious University but they do not force their beliefs on you, you can believe what you want and still be treated as an equal.


The most consider things about SaintLeo University, it is a school that has a background with Army founded and was only for the, but know the society and community can reap the benifit of a proper education without been stress and the school have online classes that have parents and family member benifit from every end of there with working house hold member can still get the proper education and work and take care of there homes, this is a joy a piece of mind to know and you can only way speak with someone on the phone.


Saint Leo is really designed for the working adults. The night and online classes will allow me to complete my BA degree in May of 2010. The many options they offer as far as scheduling classes around my busy schedule makes them the best college. Saint Leo is truly the best school I have attended.


The best thing about is the sense of community. Everyone knows each other and gets along with each other. We all have a close bond and we have relationships that is beyond friends, but like family with many variations of personality that makes everyday a day waking up for.


The best thing I would consider about the school is all the majors you have to choose from and how excellent it is that you can always talk to the teachers if you are having problems in the class so that they can suggest something to the student about it. The school also has some great core values that each student should follow for us to understand what they expect from each student.


The faculty and staff are to helpful


What I consider about Saint Leo University is the advisor that has been assigned to me, she has been quite helpful as well as understanding. The classroom settings are suitable for learning, being that the "Online" study is convenient way for my learning. I find being an online student, it affords me to care for my mother and study for a degree within the comforts of my home.


I think the best thing about Saint Leo is that they have small class sizes for all the class they have on campus. I think is better because then you can get to know your professor and not just be another grade in there book. You feel you are more able to ask them question because you are not wasting there time. The professors at Saint Leo want you to succeed, no matter want. So if you need extra help after class they are there for you. Also smaller classes means you can see and hear everything more clearly.


No matter how distasteful dinning services may have been, to students coming from different culture groups ostracizing themselves from the whole or Saint Leo University campus being so far away from city terrain. Admission counselors, teachers, friends, and others made me want to come back because of the time they have invested time in me; I feel committed to a strong networking group. I'm a junior in college now and every year it seems I face new challenge arises either concerning my career or campus life. I like this aspect of Saint Leo too.


What I consider the best thing about my school is the small classes. Each of my classes has about 10-20 students which allows teachers more one on one time with the students, and a chance to ask questions. Also, I like how the teachers respond quickly to any calls or emails I send and are always willing to help. It's nice knowing that they acutally care about their students.


the class size is perfect for someone like me that has a learning disability


Small classes and friendly teachers


The small classes along with the beautiful weather. Everyday I wake up to a bright sunny day and get to pay really goot attention to the teacher because of the smaller classes.


The people are very friendly. The small classes make it easy for the professors to know who you are and to help you out more on a personal basis. There is a real sense of community at this school. There are many hidden gems at this school.


How small and easy to find things on campus. Staff and faculty are great although there are some exceptions.


It's flexible schedule


The small classes where teachers really get to know your streghnths and weanesses. Some teachers build thier classes based on some of the students in the class if they had them before.