Saint Louis Community College Top Questions

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Probably the diversity. it's a community college so there is people of all ages and backgrounds!


St. Louis Community College was very unique in the way that people in your classes would range from ages 18-80. Having all different ages in almost every class made it more interesting because you would get to hear many different perspectives during group discussions. I don’t think that happens very often in more traditional colleges. I think that as a St. Louis Community College graduate I got a more diverse experience than all of my friends who went to traditional 4-year colleges right after high school.


I am not sure what is unique about my school, other than it is two minutes away from my house. It has aslo provided me with a work-studies position which is helping me save money up for when I transfer to Webster University. We do have a highly diverse population, and an international club with a lot of members.


They work very hard to make things easy on students. Classes are offered at any time needed. They do everything they can to help. The professors are always willing to talk with struggeling students