Saint Louis Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The facilities, such as labs, the library, chairs, desks, etc - very outdated.


Financial aide office was not helpful at all


There are hundreds of students and not enough parking to accomidate them. Students cruise the parking garage and parking lot for hours trying to find a spot and some eventually have to park in a neighboring parking lot or park illegally somewher else. When you do this the campus police write you tickets that are from 10$ to 200$ depending on where you parked.


In high school I couldn't have the freedom that i had in colllege.


At college, everything is very expensive. First, your tuition fees. Next you have to pay for food, books and so on. Its when you are a student at college that you realize how important money management is. Then comes the need to find part-time job in order to live more comfortably. Working and attending college can be difficult. Professors expect the students to learn as much as they can on their own. Sometimes your work schedule interupts your scheduled time to complete homework. This all can result in poor grades.