Saint Louis University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A friendly, engaging place.


The most accepting and giving university around.


Saint Louis Unviersity is an amazing campus with even more amazing and diverse students and professors.


SLU is a school based on catholic principles with a strong emphasis on community involvement as well as the sciences; while it is not very highly ranked, its pre-medical track is decently competitive and its students are highly motivated to become great leaders in medicine; other fields, such as psychology, business, accounting, math, and foreign languages, are not nearly as good as the physical sciences (medicine, chemistry, biology); they are not that good compared to other universities, but the sciences are decently good, though still not as good as elite colleges; still, it is a decent college.


Very friendly, organized and interesting.


My school is a challenge that pushes you to take your time and do your absolute best.


Attending school at St. Louis University was an unbelievable experience that helped be grow socially and academically.


I believe it is the best choice for the field that I am pursuing and I always wanted to attend here.


Extremly beautiful campus with very nice flowers that being replaces every couple of weeks and newly planted trees that are going to be replace in every couple of years. By that you can tell how much money the school has earned from students.


Saint Louis University is small and comfortable, a good home for anyone studying the basics, but it doesn't have anything extraordinary to offer.


Saint Louis University is a community driven university that promotes volunteering and diversity among the community and students, while reinforcing this through the education in the importance in community service and helping with the poor or less fortunate.


A closed, conservative school that is religiously minded.


An engaging environment with lots of personality and academic prestige.


A service based, Catholic, expensive university that has a great name in the Saint Louis area.


It's a beautiful campus with teachers who are willing to go the extra mile for their students, and an extremely welcoming student body.


My school is a Jusuit university that prides itself on exceptional education, as well as giving back to the community.


My school is one of the most beautiful and community-oriented schools that I have visited. The academics at SLU are excellent. I feel that, although SLU is a private school in which I have a difficult time affording, it is all worth the cost to get the best degree(s) that I can obtain. Their Nutirion/pre-Physician Assistant programs (the two areas I am studying) are some of the best in the country. While walking on campus, there is a sense of comfort as the entire community is always outside doing fun activities!


Saint Louis University is a Jesuit community of students eager to learn and become involved in the World around them.


SLU is the perfect balance between a small private college and a big university.


SLU is academically outstanding!


SLU is a place of welcoming self discovery with a quality education.


The learning and college atmosphere in a city is a wonderful idea and the school works to make students comfortable.


My school has a gorgeous campus with horrible people.


Saint Louis University is a four-year, private, historically Jesuit university that prides itself in the dream of men and women for others which is represented by a largely diverse student population, whose academic achievement places the university as one of the best in the state, but more importantly involvement with the community and other volunteer opportunities that present themselves.


Saint Louis university has a beautiful campus, students mostly from the Midwest, a large Catholic population, and some good professors.


Saint Louis University is very devoted to making sure that its students are happy and on the right path to success.


My school is an institution where adults come together and are able to have postive classroom expeirences via the internet with great professors and very helpful staff.


Saint Louis University is a Jesuit institution with a strong emphasis on integrating scholarship and knowledge, intellectual inquiry and communication, community building, leadership and service, and spirituality and values by providing students with the highest quality instructors, spiritual leaders and community mentors.


St Louis University is a green jewel in an urban cityscape.


The professors expect much out of the students.


I love St. Louis University. I love the fact that the schools promotes educating the whole person; mind, body and soul. This type of education was new to me because I got bored at schools that merely concentrated on academics only.


My school is beautiful, and well organized.


Saint Louis University requires independent learning.


SLU is a beautiful, academic school that encourages learning, service, activity, and growth of the individual.


A jesuit University where academics and helping out the community are most important.


Laid-back and middle-class student body with a beautiful, but urban campus.


A school focused on image rather than wholesome charater.


Saint Louis is a pretty good school in certain areas, but the administration completely fails to look to the student body for its input and recommendations. They consistently squash anything that is fun, and are always finding more ways to squeeze money out of the students.


The school is middle to upper end academically but with great room to improve the academic spectrum; there is too much focus on sports and expansion and not enough on the here and now - many of the dorms are poorly maintained and there are not enough.


A time-lapse video of construction on SLU's newest research center.


A little pricey but worth it for the right department.


Saint Louis University is a beautiful campus with something new always going on, and a place where you come first.


SLU is home.