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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Students are wealthy, not rich; it's not like we all have daddy's credit card. Most kids are down to Earth here, there are a few pricks, though. The student body is relatively ignorant about certain things, as most come from sheltered areas and Private Catholic High Schools. SLU's students are pretty smart all around.




Yes for the most part


dont know




Generally no, there are a few exceptions (we hate them though...just a joke!), but most of the students are extremely nice and great to be around.


yes, but students from other schools are smart as well


Some, there are quite a few very well of students, but for the most part everyone is middle class to upper middle class


most people are wealthy and privliged, but they aren't all stuck up or extremely smart


SLU is definitely pricey. They haven't stopped building on since I've gotten here. However, most SLU kids are nice, not snotty, and hard working.


I say yes for the most part.


Not for everybody, but it is increasingly true about more students in each progressive freshman class.


Not really. There are a lot of St. Louisans and most students here probably are from the Midwest, but there is more geographic diversity. In 2007, for instance, one candidate for the presidency of the Student Government Association was from Texas, and the other was from Trinidad. There are a lot of students from the South, some from the Northeast, etc., and plenty of international students. We're also not all Catholics. Only about half of the students describe themselves as Catholics. There are many members of other Christian denominations, some Jews, and surprisingly large and visible communities of Muslims and Hindus. And I'm personally agnostic. Even the self-described "Catholic" students here tend to be pretty open-minded; for instance, many attended a ordination for female priests last year that the local bishop condemned. There is probably some truth to the stereotype that we're all rich kids; most students here that I know get significant financial help (or are even entirely supported) by their parents.


Not by any means.


In the student body, you'll find kids whose parents pay for every tiny thing they need and kids who are working 3 jobs to scrape by without help from anyone else. It's hard to say whether the stereotypes are accurate.


As freshmen, most students don't have cars or the confidence to explore the city though other ways (like bicycles). So most of the time, alot of freshman students stay on campus. However, the majority of the upper-classmen are very comfortable with the city and the public transportation and roads. I spend alot of time off-campus now, and the stereotype is false.


Not exactly, some yes, but not all there are always exceptions.


No, these stereotypes are not accurate. With the help of scholarship programs, and with an attractive academic program, SLU is pretty diverse socio-economically, and has students from all over the world.


It is definitely a school for the younger crowd and they are smart.


Not at all. The people at slu are the most down to earth, easy to get along with people.


Some are, like everywhere.


Not at all. I have visited other campuses and none were as friendly as SLU. The students are very accepting and rarely form cliques.




For the most part, this is true, but those who defy the norm fit in just fine!


I heard that 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the people are actually apart of greek life. It does seem like a lot of people are though.


Not entirely. It is true that many students at SLU have come from a weathly upbringing, I myself not included in this group, but the majority of the people that I have met have been more than friendly.


for the most part, yes


it is somewhat true, however, not everyone is like that.


Although I'm not quite sure what "preppy" exactly encompasses, but I would say that SLU students are academically focused and very motivated. I frequently see students in the library or in various study spots at all times of the school day.


To some extent. A lot of the kids come from money but you alo have a lot on Scholorship and from different backrounds. The kids do all look a like: White and preppy and not everyone is stuck up there are a lot of nice people.


The stereotypes of SLU students are surprisingly accurate... not that that's a bad thing. The most accurate stereotype is definitely the tendency for students to have a lot on their plate--in order to really fit in, you have to be able to handle a lot of different things (from partying to school to sports and back to partying).


NO! haha. some people are smart, but not all, there are a lot of middle class students who are on grants and loans, and only a few snobs....but yes there are some snobby people, and some very rich people.