Saint Louis University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Service groups are very important for most students.


Alpha Phi Omega (co-ed service fraternity), social Greek life, Dance Marathon, Relay for Life,


There was a huge influx in service groups on campus this semester - so take your pick. APO is the most popular as it is the service fraternity on campus. If you like to be involved in campus life, Student Activities Board and Billikens After Dark are two popular groups that throw events on campus like movie nights out on the quad, trivia nights, de-stressers during finals, etc. I met my closest friends through Campus Ministry actually. CM throws a lot of retreats throughout each semester and just provides a lot of ways to get to know people on that deeper level. Through CLC's (Christian Life Communities) and SLC's (Spiritual Life Communities) there are some awesome discussions to be had - and those are very popular to join at SLU. On a typical Saturday night, you can find a lot of people exploring restaurants and venues in St. Louis, hanging out for a movie night/game night, etc. People are very relaxed here if that's the scene you're going for. There are endless possibilities within the city - so always be on the look-out.


With over 200 student groups on campus, it's hard to say which ones are most popular because each one is supported by so many of our students. Personally, I am involved with SLU Wishmakers (a chapter of Make a Wish Foundation), the Micah Learning Community (an LC focused on service and Faith), Greek Life on campus, Oriflamme, and an A Capella group, to name a few. We also have an amazing Basketball and Soccer team, and students get into games for free! Also, each semester a free concert is brought to campus for the students. So far, I have seen The Lumineers, Walk the Moon, and I am about to see Icona-Pop. Besides everything on campus, the city of St. Louis has so much to offer. From restaurants to shopping to concerts and zoos--this city is incredible!


There are not a lot of groups other than Greek life that are always together. On weekends the only thing really to do is drink.


There are not a lot of groups other than Greek life that are always together. On weekends the only thing really to do is drink.


I believe there have most popular student groups.


In the freshman dorms in particular, people will have their room doors open. Athletes are well known. Soccer is big here, and basketball. Unfortunately we don't have a football team. We have guest speakers, good guest speakers - one of the things I really like here.


Top 3 chartered student organizations : Student Activities Board, Great Issues Committee, and the Black Student Alliance. I am a part of and am on, and have been on, the board for the Black Student Alliance. I love the Black Student Alliance as it has provided me a place for me to come into my own and also help others do the same. Students in dorms typically leave their dorms open and very comfortable, regardless of the city atmosphere that surrounds us. Athletic events have a decent turnout, but if we had a football team, we'd have more pride. We have great speakers and events all over campus, all the time. The dating scene is pretty good, personally, I've found a boyfriend that I've been with for the past 2 years. However, because the campus is relatively small, the dating scene can become stale after a couple years here. People party soooo much here. White greek life is very important here; black greek life is trying to make a come-up.


Billiken Basketball is where it's at! Come to the games because SLUdents love to show their support. Games are great fun and a great place to socialize. Other popular sports on campus are ultimate Frisbee and mens/womens soccer. Theater is big, too. Plus, the Fox Theater is visible from campus. Go see a show! I saw Phantom and loved it. Greek life on campus is a big deal. However, it seems larger than it actually is. I'm not Greek and have made plenty of friends. It is recommended if you want to make lots of friends quickly and it's a great place to find parties and other events.


This is St Louis! At any given time there is a million things to do in our city. Be willing to explore the city, you will not regret it. The thing we have to offer are unique to St Louis, and are amazing (go with some friends though). On campus there is also a lot going on. SLU is jesuit, so a lot of our groups are religious related. We also have a service aspect in our motto, so there are a lot of service groups and opportunities. We are a high achieving academic school, so a lot of groups deal with education, leadership, and academics. But there are also sports teams, intramurals, social fraternities, and many students like to enjoy St Louis' many bars and restaurants.


Students at SLU are a very social bunch. Almost every door in my dorm stays open when the occupants are there or not changing. If you're up at 2 AM at SLU, you're either in a friend's room with a study group or downstairs in the kitchen baking brownies. A big plus to SLU is that it is located almost in the center of the city. There are plenty of places around campus to have fun. Just west of campus is an area called the Central West End that has a great night life. Forest Park is right down the road and is a great place to go to relax. Down south is an area called The Hill that is the location of numerous Italian restaurants. In addition to these places, The Loop is just as close and the number one spot for SLU students to visit. It has restaurants, hookah bars, clubs, shops, and anything else you can think of.


Only about 25{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of campus is in a social sorority or fraternity, however, it seems a lot bigger when you are involved in it. Another really popular organization is Alpha Phi Omega, or APO. It's a co-ed service fraternity and we actually have one of the largest chapters in the nation. On campus, activities are sponsored through SLU such as trivia nights, dodge-ball tournaments, concerts, or scavenger hunts. Just off campus there are bars for people who are of age. There are plenty of things to do off-campus as well such as Rams games, Blues games, Cardinals games (2011 world champions!!!), going out to eat, Concerts in the loop, or shopping in several of the surrounding locations.


We have a highly underrated Greek Life here at SLU, so I recommend to everyone that they check them out. The Greeks are focused a lot on community service and philanthropist, not just the partying aspect. The biggest groups on campus are the Student Government, the Student Activities Board, and the Great Issues Committee. The SAB are in charge of bringing in entertainers (this year was Lupe Fiasco) to put on FREE concerts and events for the students. GIC is in charge of bringing in speakers (This year was Common) to talk about issues going on in the world.


The activities are pretty plentiful. You can go out at any point, and you don't have to drink to have fun, although it is common to see people stumbling through on the weekends. Greek life is pretty decent here, but you don't have to join to party, although it helps to.


Nothing happens on campus on the weekends; everyone leaves.


There is nothing to do on campus ever. We're not allowed to have more than 4 people in our rooms. If you have a party in the apartments our security will come and break it down. Our basketball team sucks, so those athletic events aren't that great. People basically spend most of their time drinking and going out. The fraternities/sororities aren't that big of a deal on campus. On a Saturday night, you can't really do much but drink. All the food services close down because obviously students don't need to eat on the weekends, and there isn't really much to do unless you like working out on Saturdays. But because we're in a city, and close to about 4-6 other schools, it's really easy to find something going on around campus. It was fairly easy to get places until they decided to stop running the metrolink as much. If you decide to call a cab, it's best to have your own directions because the cab drivers do not know where everything is.


Dorm room doors are open a lot, I think. Well, they were back when I lived in Reinert. LIVE IN REINERT AS A FRESHMAN! They'll try to tell you that Gries is the social center, and Reinert is only good because of private bathrooms, but that's not true. Because Reinert is somewhat secluded, your Reinert people will be your people for the rest of SLU. And Gries people will be your Gries people for the rest of your time in Gries. Get it? Frats and Sororities aren't very big at all. Join one if you like, but it won't do too much for you at this school (in relation to what it will do for you at other schools). SLU students drink a lot. Be prepared for that. It's cool if you're a non-drinker, since you're in St. Louis and there's a whole city around you to play in, but be forewarned that MOST students drink. Oh, and the free concerts each weekend, as well as the big-name shows that come, are WORTH it! I don't care if someone's like, "SLU puts that on, that's lame." Go.


I'd say the most popular organizations are the Greeks. Slu has many sororities and frats. I'm in Zeta Tau Alpha and I love it!!! there are many activities to do when not studying so no one should ever be bored. some people party but not everyone. I really recommend getting involved in at least 2-3 organizations.


Thursday night is party night and a break from class and stress. laclede street has 3 bar and grills in a 2 block radius that most students walk to to watch sports games, play drinking games, and just socialize, and dance. people are up any time of the night, which makes the campus feel safe. frats and sororities have huge parties and invite evryone to come. theres a shuttle on weekends to target, the supermarket, mall for people who dont have cars. i recommend having a car in st. louis, the transportation system is improving with a rail system, and buses, but ithey only go to certain areas. concerts come to st. louis a lot, theres been a boom in collge parties, becuase the club promotion scene is getting bigger. a lot of new hot spots opned up downtown in the loft districts. it's exciting to see the city come back after being a ghost town in the 90s and early 2000s. Clubs to try: Dantes, the Loft, 1014, Lush, Dolce, Viva, new casino/club Lumiere. Central west end is college town in st. louis, with nice bars and restaurants, try: brennans, drunken fish, culpeppers, bar louie Lots of fun!


Greek life pretty much runs SLU social life. From bus parties to philanthropy weeks to typical weekends, most are affiliated with the greeks. Lots of girls here. There are a good amount of attractive ones too. There can be something to do every day of the week. Drinking or not drinking. Moolah mondays, penny pitchers, lacledes, iggys, joe boes for the drinkers. Otherwise, there's intramurals, decent amount of student activities board stuff, etc. SLU is pretty close to many awesome st.louis attractions: the loop (blueberry hill,pageant), forest park, the zoo, downtown (busch stadium), and more. By the way, we're all huge cardinals fans.


The secret: Go off campus. SLU is in the middle of a major urban area with many, many options for fun any night of the week. The trouble is that you either have to have a car or -gasp!- have to be willing to walk or use public transit. That freaks a lot of the ex-suburban kids out, but, if they can get over it, there's a whole world of things to do within a few miles of campus. SLU itself also has a lot of good ways to be involved on campus. The student newspaper is a blast, for instance.


One thing that I wasn't sure about when I came to SLU was the party scene. After being there for a year, I can say that it's not the typical college party life. If partying is what you want, then it's available. However, partying isn't the end-all-be-all of SLU social life. Most people enjoy just hanging out with others and having fun without being drunk every night.


We've got a club for just about everyone and a relatively easy way to charter clubs if the one you're looking for doesn't exist. I'm actively involved in Amnesty International and Big Brothers Big Sisters. There are a number of alcohol alternatives every month sponsored by different clubs and also by Residence Life. As an RA, I spent lots of time planning dances, cook-outs, and other activities that give students something to do on campus on weekends. Late-night activities include Jimmy Johns and White Castle runs, studying like mad (yeah, it happens), and movie and game nights. We have a fairly large population of students involved in Greek life, but you can definitely survive on campus without being in a fraternity/sorority.


There are so many things to do on campus. I am very closely involved with Una, the feminist organization. We host speakers, movie nights, socials, Love Your Body Day, Take Back the Night, and VDay (including the Vagina Monologues). We fundraise and volunteer for local organizations called Karen House (Catholic Worker House of Hospitality for women and children) and the Women's Safe House (a safe house protecting women and their children fleeing abusive situations). I love this group, because it tackles an issue that everyone can relate to. We have members who are way to shy to ever perform in the Vagina Monologues, for example, but they help lead our craft nights or direct us in preparing food for dinner at Karen House. We also do alot of collaborative work with other groups, which helps us get to know lots of other people. I'm glad that Greek Life is not important at SLU. A very small percentage of students are involved in sororities or fraternities. I have friends who are, and they like it, but it doesn't define who they are. Its not something I have ever felt motivated to join. There is alot to do at SLU if you don't drink. Alot of my friends don't drink, and they feel comfortable going to parties and bars to dance. Other prefer to explore the city more. SLU is located right in Grand Center ( in Midtown, so there are dozens of restaurants, art galleries, and performance venues within blocks! A few nights a year, all the art galleries on Washington Blvd. stay open late and you can gallery-hop! Also, SLU is right on the Metro line, so it is easy to get to the Loop (lots of great Thai restaurants) or down to the Landing (lots of dancing options). One of my other favorite things to do is to go to the City Museum ( It is open late on weekend nights, but its hard to get to without a car. It is a huge playground for all ages! Another great thing about St. Louis is Forest Park. In the summers "Shakespeare in the Park" is free every night, bring your own blanket! There are countless other shows that they offer on the lawn in front of the Art Museum (which is also free). In the winter, there is an ice rink!


There are over 100 activities and the social life is very outgoing. Always something to do only problem is you cant always do it all or you will not pass because you have to constantly study.


I love SLUs social life. There are so many social groups to get involved with and theres something for everyone! I'm involved with Greek Life and am a member of the Delta Gamma sorority. The sororities and fraternaties have the highest average GPA out of the entire student body. We're not your "stereotypical" sorority girls. Greek life makes a huge impact on campus and the community. We spend so much time with our different philanthropies. There are 6 sororities and 12 fraternaties. But even if you're not interested in Greek life, you can find something at SLU that is best for you, no doubt.


Greek life is not a necessity.


There aren't a lot of parties at SLU because the Greek parties are at bars off campus. This can be a pain because you have to wait for a bus to take you there, but it's a lot better than drinking and driving, and a lot of students don't have cars anyway. There are a lot of traditions at SLU and almost all students have pride in the university.


People party as much as they want to at SLU, but the drinking rules are rigid on campus, as a co-hab rules (having a member of the opposite sex stay overnight in your room).


Freshmen year most people are closest to the people on their floor. Its normal for people to leave their door open at the beginning of the year, that's how I made my closest friends. I also made a really good froup of friends after going on a retreat. Sporting events aren't super popular, but we just open our new arena so I expect that more people will pay attention to sports now. There are plenty of things to do off campus because we're in St. Louis. There's Forest Park where you can go to the zoo, art museum, ice skating, or just hang out in the park. Then there's City Museum, the cupcakery, Cards games, Blues games, the arch, the Fox theater, and Central West End is just a few blocks off campus. On campus there are activities sponsored by the school such as movies in the quad at night, on halloween there are carriage rides and tours of college church. Some people party Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, but most people only party one or two nights on the weekend. You can always find stuff to do without drinking. There are always things to do off campus or you can get creative in the dorms without drinking. My friends and I have had many movie and game nights, we've even made a movie one saturday night.


SLU is surprisingly diverse. There are lots of activities, just like any university, you just have to find what you are looking for.


The party scene at SLU is around all the time. If ever a person wants to go out or do something, something is going on. Greek life is not as important here as it is at other schools, but it is very helpful to students in the social aspect. There are many things to do around campus as well as on campus because the campus is located in an urban environment.


There is always so much to do at SLU, it's somewhat overwhelming! I see constant posters around campus that invite students to various events- so no one should ever use the excuse that they are bored. St. Louis is also such a great city-SLU is within walking distance from both Central West End and Forest Park, which are both loaded with things to do. I was not in a sorority, but I always ended up finding fun things to do with my friends on or off campus.


Greek life is huge on campus but there are a lot of other organizations and volunteer opportunities. I met my closest friends through my sorority and my boyfriend was in a fraternity. Poeople party every weekend and go to bars or apartments. There are no houses. Last weekend I went on a pub crawl for senior week and drank all weekend. On a saturday nigh if you don't want to drink you can go to a movie, out to dinner, bowling, to a play at the Fox Theater.


Bars, clubs, and parties on the weekends.


Student Activities Board and Student Government Association are the most wildly known organizations, but we also have a chapter of Amnesty International and other groups focused on awareness of different ethnicities, religions, and global issues. It's a plethora of options. I'm mostly involved in OneWorld which is an organization and magazine production focused on international social justice and awareness. The best week for student life in my opinion is Atlas week which is a week when many speakers are brought in discussing a variety of world issues and bringing awareness. We have also had people such as Ralph Nater come to campus and speak. There are always things going on. Students are not always very friendly unless they already know each other though. Freshman year doors stay open and everyone is looking to meet people, but after that they more less stay closed. After freshman year people find other ways to meet people through organizations or parties. Party life isn’t huge, but it is alive still. People go out every weekend. It sucks to not have a fake though if you're not 21. There are 3 good bars near campus but they are usually to start or finish the night. Frats and sororities are present but not needed for girls at least. People party on and off campus.