Saint Louis University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Mostly I focus on how fancy the campus appears. If I brag much it's usually revolving around the entertainment scheduled at the Chaifetz Arena. As a typical out of touch, in the bubble, ignorant type college student who doesn't follow the news, I am frequently disinterested in boasting about things in which I have no command of authority.


Honestly there is nothing especially spectacular about the university I attend.


Whenever I braag about my school, I tned to focus on the fact that once I graduate I will likely find a great career due to my time at SLU.


I usually tell them about how awesome the school is, how helpful the teachers are, how much fun the weekends events can be, and how easy it is to be involved here.


I brag most about the beauty of Saint Louis University's campus. SLU has over 9,000 undergraduate students, yet I see so many people I know through Greek Life, Student Government, classes, and residence life. I wanted a school big enough to where I wouldn't feel like I was in high school again, but not too big to where I couldn't see a lot of my friends on my way to classes. SLU fosters the best of both worlds, and this is what I brag about to my friends.


I brag about the great academic programs SLU has to offer. For example, it is great to be in a physical therapy program that does not require me to apply for graduate school.


I brag about the sense of community on my campus. The events the school promotes, the activities of the students, and the general atmosphere walking around campus seem to promote the Jesuit ideals. I appreciate attending a school with other students who are as focused on helping others as they are on their own studies. Even during my first visit, people were friendly and willing to answer questions. It is a place that makes you feel like they feel lucky to have you as a student, with both faculty, staff, and students willing to help when needed.


I brag about the awesome campus! It is so beautiful and inviting. A student can find the perfect place to suit any need - a quiet nook to study, a lounge buzzing with student life, a spot by the pond to chill out with friends. I also brag about my teachers and classes; my professors have been enaging and intuitive, with great insights about the subjects they teach. There is so much more to brag about outside of academics as well. There are countless opportunities for involvment here, making it easy to find the right fit.


I love the city and the campus. The campus is in a rough part of town but the Department of Public Safety is always present. The Metro is right down the street making access to the city very convenient. Our campus is gorgeous. The numerous flowers and fountains make the campus extremely pleasant and lends itself to outdoor activities.


I think I brag about how friendly everyone is! You walk around campus and, for the most part, everyone is smiling & people you know will greet you which always makes my day! Our campus is small enough that you get to know people well pretty quickly; it's nice to see familiar faces on campus!


I mainly brag about my Occupational Therapy Program. I love all the professors and the students. I love telling other people how much I love my classes and my program. I also love to tell people that I will have my Master's Degree in five years and I didn't have to reapply for graduate school.


The campus itself, particularly the many flowers the university has, the big library, the databases, the rec-center, and the great teachers.


How friendly everyone is and the surrounding Saint Louis area.


I brag the most about how pride I have to be apart of Saint Louis University, how much it feels like home, the type of education I am receiving and the fun that I have while away at SLU


So far, what I most enjoy about Saint Louis University (Main Campus) is the staff. Not only do the professors take their job seriously, they also teach in a unique and fun way. Most of my professors have gone above and beyond in trying to help students get to where they want in their academic career. Also, the atmosphere around SLU is also inviting. There is always something to do at this school, whether it is by yourself, or with a large group.


I am proud to attend Saint Louis University, and when I tell my friends about my experiences and education there, it's easy to get carried away with explaining how diverse and comfortable it is to just be there. SLU is very welcoming and it is a great place to find friends, professors, and resources that contribute to my success, which is why I feel going to school there makes me very fortunate, and I hope to continue to have a complete, well-rounded experience there.


I definitely brag about how many nice people go here, I haven't met someone mean yet.


My school is in a downtown, urban environment where there is lots to do. You can go to bars, check out a museum, walk around Forest Park. There are lots of different neighborhoods to go to that have great shops and restaurants as well, all accessible by Metro. I see the Gateway Arch every day and the landscaping crew does a wonderful job of making my campus look spectacular.


The head of the program. Her name is Dr. Zeigler. She knows the industry of court reporting and is a leader. She nurtures and supports her students like few I have had the pleasure of meeting.


In terms of scholastics; the variety of classes it offers and how engaging the classes are. But like any other college kid, the real focus of the discussion is on the social aspect of the college. Everyone here at Saint Louis University is so outgoing, inviting, and friendly, which creates an amazing atmosphere to achieve success in. The events that are held in the student center are so varied and you'll always find something fun to do there. The parties at the apartments on campus are easy to walk to and never fail to impress.


I mention that my school is one of the only online schools that offerens international relations as a degree option. I also tell them that being able to start different classes each month with rolling class start dates makes life easier. The option of taking eight week classes also helps when a person has a busy life and needs to cram something in fast.


The friends I have met here, and the opportunities I have gotten. I am proud of my research in tuberculosis and my academic standings. I love the hospital, and campus is gorgeous. I love the gym and the focus on staying active. Finally, I really like the dedication this school has for getting me where I need to be in order to be successful in the career I am interested in.


it is an excellent jesuit university. Its expensive, but it will be well worth it in the end.


pretty campus and alot of different activities to choose from


I bragged that I hung out with the boys from the basketball team. I didn't really like the friends that I meet in the beginning. I bragged about the major I decided to choose and the help that the advisor helped me with.


When I tell my friends about the perks of my school, I always have to limit the list due to the fact that if I list all of the perks, we would be talking for hours. However, the top benefits to brag about are the fact that we are located in midtown St. Louis which allows us to experience various arts and cultures, our financial aid office tries everything possible to make tuition here affordable, and lastly, the classes are small so we know everyone in our classes and the teacher knows us as more than just a student number.


If I'm going to brag about anything I would brag about the gorgeous campus and just the nice community feeling of the university. This creates a fun environment both socially as well as academically.




I like to take my family and friends to venues around the city. St. Louis has some amazing sites! On campus, I typically brag about our new biomedical research center.


The beautiful campus, the size of the schoole, the emphasis on helping others, the urban identity, the Catholic identity, the desire of the greater good by the students, emphasis on the sciences, brand new facilities, awesome enganging professors, new basketball arena. I could go on for hours. It is SERIOUSLY the best place that I could have chosen, and I visited 27 different schools while searching in high school!


I definitely brag about the campus, and the reputation this school has. I do enjoy my school and its reputation of pass rates, and job placements for the future.


I love what SLU has to offer for its students. It has one of the largest faculty and staff that go out into the community and volunteer. We are very active in our community and you feel right at home when you are here. SLU is a great place to find yourself and who you truly are. We live everyday by our jesuit mission. :-)




I tell them that all of the African-Americans from my school and other schools in the city usually come together for parties


I brag about the fact that I am in such a great program with professors who really care about us. As a physical therapy student, I have a demanding curriculum, but through the many activities on campus, I still find a way to remain active and hang out with friends. SLU is a great place to find yourself.


Our physical therapy program is one of the top in the nation, and its the only reason I still attend SLU.


I brag about the excellent academics, the beautiful campus, and the wonderful city it is located in.