Saint Louis University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the worst thing about my school is that the university stresses how the motto is "Men and Women for others," but when it comes to financial assistance for students who need and deserve the help, the university would rather put money into renovating bulidings instead of creating need-based scholarship funds for students.


A difficult emotion is thoes associated with homesickness. Espically missing the comforts of a homecooked meal, which throughout life prior to college was just another meal but, cafeteria food can only be appitizing for about a week before the variety in one's diet becomes quiet boring and repedative. Appreciate the food and the comforts of your state's culutre, your identity. Although you meet so many people and live in a community where you are all transiting at the same time, dont be afraid of the despaired about not being able to see your family and friends.


The worst thing that I feel at the school are the counselors for academics and for scholarships and student finances. They are helpful to an extent, but when things went bad with my academic performance and scholarship not being awarded to me anymore, the school let me down. I felt as though I was abandoned and left on my own to fend for myself and to find out what to do.


The worst thing was how hard it was to explore the city of Saint Louis with out a car. The public transit did not run late and could be dangerous at times. It was hard to "live" in the city without having a car. It caused a big campus "bubble."


I would say the worst thing about my school is the amount of money that they spend on unnessecary things. For example, they are required to change the flowers out like every 3 weeks, when the flowers are still perfectly fine. So I just wonder where my money is really going and why I am paying so much?


Actually the worst thing about my school is what I feel when I am there, that I feel too old and out of place. I feel like when I walk around to classes, go to activities, try to be a part, or go purchase books etc at bookstore, that I am looked at why is this old guy here.


The biggest problem at this school is the location of housing. Most of the on-campus housing units are on one side of the campus while the buildings that classes are taken in are on the other.


I feel alone sometimes, even though there are many activities out there but people only stick with their own group so it is hard to make new friends. And even though I was top 5 in class in high school, my grades dropped greatly, and when I tries to get any sort of help, it is very hard because most tutor are working for ESL program instead of undergraduate program.


The worst thing about my school is the price. The price of tuition is alot higher than what I imagined college to be. However, because my school is a private school with a great reputaion I understand why the tuition is so much.


What I consider the worst thing about Saint Louis University is the parking. Due to being a school in the city, we have a lot of buildings on campus which make parking to be on the outs of all the buildings. It makes walking to class a few extra minutes, depending on where you park. Or we can park on the streets and drop money in the parking meters or pay minimum $200 to park in a campus parking garage.


Saint Louis University makes a large attempt to increase diversity and acceptance but most racial/religious groups tend to stick together.


I think that the worst thing about our campus would be our dining options. I wish we had more healthy options to choose from and I wish the hours were a little bit longer. By having healthier options and by staying open past 7 pm (even for an hour or two!) would help students to make healthier choices in terms of what they're eating and when they're eating.


Although I have not been at Saint Louis University a long time, I can speak for some students that paying the meters to park is the worst.


The price of my school is the worst thing. I literally love every aspect of SLU and I even love the city that it's in. However, my parents cannot afford to send me to college, but according to FAFSA we filed, they can help contribute so SLU took away a lot of money from me. I am constantly stressed about this money worry, but I in no way want to transfer.




I feel that the lack of emphasis put on job placement is one of the worst things about Saint Louis University. I do not understand how students who do not intend to go to graduate school can find jobs by themselves. The school needs to be more vested in the ultimate goal of their student: finding a job that complements their degree.


The certificate of proficiency that I am attempting requires a lot of online learning. I am studying to be a court reporter and it is so challenging and I am not sure how long it will take me to finish. It is a little bit different in that you reach speed levels to continue to the next level. I must complete 6 levels before being able to conplete the program. I LOVE what I am doing; have a certain amount of money saved but I'm afraid of that running out as I continue to learn this new, strange language.


I don't think I have a worst thing to say about my school. I have one complaint, and that resolves around getting letters of recommendation from counselors and professors for graduate school. The professors/advisors and counselors don't seem too cooperative if they have only had you in their class one time. It is not often that a student may have the same professor twice, so this was a little disappointing to say the least.


I feel that my school is in a bad neighborhood. Department of Public Safety does a great job but they cannot stop everybody. If there was one thing i would change about my school, it would be to have more lights and more law enforcement available.


The worst thing about my school is the dining facilities. While the food can be good depending on the place, the staff can be rude and slow. There are times when a student can wait for 15 minutes to get food because the staff is no where to be seen. If the staff was a little more punctual and understandable, the experience at these dining services would be much better.


Social life, ignorant people. Most are nice but just a few can do a lot of damage


Sometime I can not understand my professor's english.


Threat of security


The rates for tuition and all general costs keep going up every year in an outstanding way.


Not a lot to do on the weekends


Our school wastes too much of our tuition on replacing the plants around campus. This money could instead go to helping our classrooms and getting better equipment.


Not very responsive to commuter or non-traditional student needs


The school is very conservative and there were plenty of unhappy John McCain supporters who did not have a problem with African Americans before the election but expressed their feelings after the election. The security did not help


The worst thing about SLU is they keep raising tuition. This wouldn't be a bad thing however the extra money dosen't seem to be going toward a better education. The programs at SLU have been on a steady decline over the two years I've been there.


People do not care about the schools sports at all, the on campus food and dining completely dies on the weekends. At second semester they do not have enough space for every returning freshmen to have an on campus housing which happens every year.


There are way more females than males.