Saint Louis University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Students are portrayed as good students who care about social justice and equality.


I really was never aware of a "SLU stereotype" during my college visits or now that I am a student. I suppose that, demographically speaking, the "caucasian, upper-middle class, Catholic" could fit the bill, but that hardly represents the community of the student body. Again, because SLU is so diverse, there really isn't a single "stereotype" because everyone's backgrounds and interests are so widespread, no single classification can apply.


I don't think we have a specific stereotype; each student I've met here is unique. My friend group is comprised of people of all different backgrounds!


Most students are upper middle class Catholics, predominantly from Chicago, Ohio, St. Louis. It is accurate.


i have no idea.


I think there is a stereotype that students here drink all the time. But honestly, I don't think it's any more than any other college campus.


The stereotypes of students at SLU is that we are mostly white, rich, and over-privileged. Contrary to popular belief, we have a diverse mix of students that attend this University, including myself! When I meet people they often think I have money simply because I attend SLU, however, that's not true at all! People often think of SLU students as WashU rejects, or snobs. While we do have a lot of frat kids, not everyone is consumed by Greek Life, but our campus is seen as a drinking campus. As well all know, there is some sort of truth in stereotypes, as there are people that I have met who fit the description above. However, there are even more students who do not, and these students are great people who are truly women and men for others, focused on getting their education and doing bigger and better things in life.


It is often the case that SLU students are thought to be "stuck-up" wealthy kids. While all schools, including SLU, has their share of these students, this stereotype is not true. There are students from all socio-economic backgrounds and most college students I have met at SLU were very welcoming and nice.


St Louis University is a very smart school and everyone works very hard, but we all take breaks. There is greek life at SLU, and a lot of people hang out around campus. We are in St Louis, we go to sports games, movie theaters, shopping, out to dinner, or take in some nightlife. It can be a really fun school.


SLU has the stereotype of being a school only for rich, white kids. This is far from true. SLU has students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. There is no single race that dominates the campus and religion widely varies. Diversity is a major part of SLU. This year, the SGA implemented the Oath of Inclusion which is a campaign to support and increase diversity across campus.


A lot of people think we are "preppy." SLU doesn't have a dress code, it's just what you make of it. Some people wear dresses to class every day, others wear the same pair of sweats every day of the week.


Many people view SLU as a bunch of rich, white, conservative students that weren't smart enough to get into WashU. This is completely false. SLU is highly diverse and ensures that students of all backgrounds are accepted equally on campus. We of course aren't as smart as WashU, however we are far more fun.