Saint Louis University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


This campus really allows students of all walks of life to grow not only as a student but as a person. Anyone intersted in the medical field, engineering, or business should consider this school. These programs are top notch and the professors in these schools are always extremely helpful.


The kind of person who is motivated to work hard, but also have time for fun should come to this school. You definitely have to be on top of your schoolwork, but there is always a lot of activities going on around campus. I feel like this school has a good balance of both work and play.


A well-rounded person should attend Saint Louis University. This well-rounded person should want to pursue a better life academically, spiritually and physically. By achieving success academically, a well-rounded person can use their intellectual growth as a tool to better their surrounding community.


A person who is passionate about furthering their education through campus study or online programs.


The person that shoul attend this school is a driven student who wishes to get a great education in the field of their choice. The student should be willing to take plenty of time to set aside for studying and devoting to studies. The student should also be willing to volunteer and give back


Anybody who is willing to involve themselves in community service and religious services this is the school for them. We have a plethora amount of different clubs and groups in which community service is done and twice a year the whole school comes together for "Make a Difference Day" and do community service. Anybody who is willing to take leadership roles, there are many opportunities for leadership roles. Also, if you are religious SLU provides mass and for those of different religions there is ways in which the school helps you keep close to your religion.


A person who should attend Saint Louis University is someone who wants to better the community and everyone around them.


Anyone who is social and dedicated to work but still enjoys going out and having fun will love SLU.


Someone who is willing to be an academic grind in order to keep up with everyone else.


A person who is outgoing and open-minded should attend SLU. You get out of college what you put into it, so you should always make an effort. A person who is friendly, helpful, and considerate would fit in very well at Saint Louis University.


A SLU student should be independant, open-minded, responsible for themselves, service oriented, interested in developing leadership qualities, and interested in current events and how they are going to impact the future. A SLU student should be well rounded and accepting of differences in others as well as social advocacy and the political climate.


Any kind of person can attend Saint Louis University. There are more than 85 majors to choose from which goes to show that there is something there for everyone. For example, I am in the pre-med program but a history major. Even though SLU is known for engineering and medicine, there are programs of those interested in not just sciences but humanities as well. From music majors to marketing, SLU tries to provide as many options as possible.


To attend this school you have to be motivated and hard-working. It is challenging and if you fall behind in your work it is difficult to catch up again. If you are willing to work hard and dedicate yourself to everything you do, Saint Louis University will be found to be very rewarding.


The student attending S.L.U should be goal oriented, possess good study skills and be able to survive on little sleep.


Someone who likes to be involved in school and knowing everything about their school in a small setting.


A student who wants to attend this unviersity needs to be determined and driven to succeed. But there will be support from facility and fellow students. They need to be themselves. The student population is diverse and they will find someone who will be their friend and support. A student would need to like a smaller campus that allows you to see your friends and fellow classmates regularly. However, it also allows you to meet people you never seen before.


The type of person that belongs at Saint Louis University is someone that is dedicated. It would also help is the person had good study habit and a great work ethic. Without those features, I honestly don't think that Saint Louis University would be the school for you.


I think smart and/or wealthy people, especiallly ones with a very serious and strict approach to life would love SLU. I find a lot of the students there to be very pretentious with huge egoes. Anyone could attend SLU and probably be content going there, however, if one doesn't fit this description, I don't think they will be very happy or feel like they fit in there. I know several of people that feel this way, myself included.


Saint Louis University is open to all races/genders. It is truly welcoming for all kinds of invididuals. I do not think that there is anybody left out at my university because i always see students interacting with one another. Meeting new people is what it is all about. Saint Louis University brings out the best in you because of the friendly environment. It allows one to engage in activities that rarely existed before.


Anyone who wants to receive a great Jesuit education, who wants the availability of a university with lots of different programs and majors, and doesn't mind an urban setting.


Anyone who loves to learn and have a great time while doing it.


Anyone who wants a slightly more conservative education, but wants to be accepted for who they are.


An academically focused and out going person


Open to diversity, Cares about academics, Gets involved with on-campus activities


Economically well-off. Tough skinned/competitive. Determined. Motivated. Goal-oriented. Catholic/Jesuit.


A person who loves to meet nice people, catholic/ jesuit or not, the people here are on the whole nice or mean well. A person who goes here should know that they have to work very hard, since this school is only getting harder, and if their family is like mine be prepared for some financial sacrifices. A person here should also realize that everyone at this campus drinks, but that this place offers friends and environments for it to be done safely if you do drink.


Someone who is driven to achieve acadmeically, as well as someone who has an interest in being involved in extracurriculars. There are so many things to do on campus that everyone will find something that is right for them. SLU is a very positive place where people can come to fulfill their dreams.


The person that should attend this school is the person who is looking for more than just an accdemic education. SLU educates the whole person. It gives them a solid academic education, but it also helps its students develope spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It prepares its students for the real world and teaches them to be men and women for others. SLU is a great school for students who are looking for a solid academic education, but are also looking to be prepared entirely for the real world.


Someone who can afford it.


Very academically talented and focused person.


Friendly, hardworking, religious and outgoing.


A person who values friendliness and is not too competitive. Someone who is not a big football fan. If you are smart and want to relax in undergrad, but still get a respected degree, this is the place.


Someone who doesn't want to live in a strictly college town, SLU is just a small part of saint louis so there is much more to do rather than focusing on SLU alone, also those who hate fraternities/sororities because they arent really emphasized all too much here but do still exist obviously...


An average student would do well here. There is no need to be the brightest and best, and if you are, you will be bored as there is not much challenge. I can tell you that from experience.


Any one willing to learn and have a good time. It is a very good school.


People who attend this school need to want to become involved in things since it is a larger school. You just need to be yourself and want to have a good time. Overall a person who attends this school has to be a high achiever because this school is known for academics.


Anyone who wants to receive a well-rounded education and make some great friends along the way should attend SLU. There are tons of activites on campus. Everyone can find something that is right for them. There are all types of people here, so there is never a shortage of friends to find. People who attend would be active learners who are engaged in their education and future.