Saint Louis University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Saint Louis University provides a diverse city setting for endless exploration.


The best thing about my university would definitely be the people. Everyone here, faculty, staff, and students, are all very outgoing, energetic, and helpful. The professors are known in their fields and nearly all of them are friendly and accessable. The advisors, both academic and financial, go out of their way to help you at all times. The students are proud to be there and are always looking for more ways to get involved and give back to the community. I have never felt left out during my time at SLU and I have always felt at home.


The best thing about our campus is the atmoshpere that surrounds it. The campus is all enclosed within the city of St. Louis, so it helps to make the school feel as though it is its own little paradise in the middle of the big city. It also is a beautiful campus and gives for a pretty walk anywhere you go.


I think that the best thing about going to SLU is the people that go here and the sense of community one feels. I like being able to walk to class and running into people that I know from previous classes. Also, the students that go here are always willing to help one another, or even people who are visiting.


I think the best part about my school is their dedication to service and faith. These two ideas go hand in hand for me and always have. They are also two of the most important parts of life. Having a strong faith and serving are the keys to happiness. I have spent much of my time through high school either in church or doing service; therefore, I felt right at home when I came to Saint Louis University. The university works hard to instill these ideas in their students.


The class size. I have attended SLU for two years now and have never had more than 15 people in my class. It is awesome to have an intimate class and one on one attention from the professor.


The best thing about Saint Louis University is the ambitious people I'm surrounded by. They motivate me to do better and achieve more than I ever thought I could.


I love the cohesion of the students. Everyone is really welcoming and enthusiastic about SLU. My program as a class are really close and encouraging of one another. I also love the emphasis on helping the community and volunteering. It really brings the university together.


The best part about my university is the people. Everyone is so kind and willing to help eachother. Just about everyone has the same course load and no one is selfish with their knowledge. Simply walking through campus, you will get waved at or smiled at by just about everyone that walks by.


Hands down the best thing about Saint Louis University is the diversity. In my hometown, the majority of people were heterosexual, white Christians (or a denomination of Christianity.) At SLU, there is a great variety of ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, and religion. Furthermore, there are numerous clubs and events that allow students to display these differences and influence other students to accept them. I took part in a learning community called "Diversity and Unity," which involved living in a dorm with members of diferent religious and cultural backgrounds. It was a wonderful experience.


Everyone is so friendly. Even when you don't know someone, they are still very nice. You can walk down the street and nine out of ten people you pass will say hello or offer a smile. Even complete strangers are willing to help you out. The overall vibe at SLU is positive, even during finals week. It's reassuring to know that even when you're having a bad day, there will be at least one person to give you a smile.


The peole I know and the teachers in my major department.


The best thing about SLU is the friendliness. A lot of times with schools similar to SLU, freshmen and transfers are intimidated by the students and the professors who are there. At SLU everyone is approachable , helpful, and display a positive attitude. The professors go above and beyond by being availabel beyond office hours. When I first started going there, I felt like it was home; people were welcoming and it was not what I was expecting. SLU exceeded my expectations and I am sure that they did the same and will continue doing the same for many others.


The best thing about Saint Louis University is the surplus of resources. The goal of this school is for a student to succeed and the faculty makes it possible. If someone needs help in any subject there is someone in the help center to help one-on-one. The proffessors openly answer questions in class as well as going in depth during office hours. The advisors help students stay on tract with their future major or if students are having doubts, they help during the major exploration process and them analyze their interests and reffer them to the correct people


The best students are those who are well-rounded and at St. Louis University the curriculum structure develops such students. The core requirements push students to explore areas they would not have considered before. I myself started off as a Psychology major have since added a Women's Studies Certificate, English minor, and Philosophy minor to my belt. Also in each area there is a wide selection of classes to select from enabling me to explore those new areas in a way that is most enjoyable for me.


The best thing about my school would be the professors and advisors. It is a great place to earn a degree because the professors and advisors are very helpful. They make sure we understand everything and care about what we have to say. They want us to do very well so they try their best to make sure we succeed.


I believe the best thing about SLU is the fact that it is a hidden gem within the city of St. Louis. It has so much space and activities to do that its label as somewhat of a commuter school is not at all accurate. SLU should not only own a reputation as one of the best Jesuit schools in the country, but also as a place to have the complete college experience, with an up and coming athletics department and a vibrant student body.


The amount of help the counseling department offers in life decisions and academic resources.


The Saint Louis University - Madrid campus allows students to experience diverse cultures and exposes students vast amounts history. After visiting the school, I observed networking among the students that was second to none. After visiting the school I knew I wanted to go there.


I think the best thing about my school is that it is challenging academically. I have learned so many new concepts from the professors. I enjoy doing additional research that may or may not be required, but as a student I want to find out more after hearing the professors lecture on the topics. There are also so many activities planned on the campus to help students to unwind. I appreciate the new student orientation that is extended to new students to help them feel welcomed, and to answer any additional questions they may have that were not addressed.


There are a lot of great features that Saint Louis University has to offer, but the one that caught my eye was that the admission counselors manage place you in classes that relate to your major during your freshman year. Whereas, at most universities you won?t get that experience until after your general education classes are out of the way. This will allow you to know firsthand if your intended major is what you really want to do. This is what I would consider as one of the best things that Saint Louis University has to offer.


It is a private university with an outstanding academic cirriculum. I am going to attend graduate school there to be a physician assistant. The univeristy is also geographically located near my mother's residence.


Its educational resources


A beautiful, inclosed campus. It allows to go to school in a big city but still have the community of a smaller school.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community and the professors. Both of those reasons make you feeling like you are in the right place. The people are supportive and everyone is willing to help you with anything you need


I like that my school is in a city rather than some small town where there isn't a lot to do.


The community on campus is wonderful. It is perfectly acceptable to become friends one night with yesterday's stranger and meet lots of people.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the community and the friendships that i have been able to build upon and cultivate since getting here. I have made a ton of good friendships since being here and have enjoed going here because of the community and friendships more than having the opportunity to go to any other school.


The quality of education I am receiving, because in the end that is what matters most.


It's nice because it's pretty decent sized so you can meet a lot of different people. But if you don't like the city you're in, it can get old pretty fast.


The reputation that comes along with a degree from the college


The best thing about my school is how on the surface it appears to be not diverse and interesting, but then you meet the people and you realize how wrong you were. This is awesome because it teaches you not to judge on face value alone.


I have a few teachers that are amazing and make it all worth it


the beauty of the campus


libraries and internet availability


Parks College - Small school college attention but larger school division one atmosphere in the main university


Social Life


It is not that big and I really like how SLU feels like a small community that still reaches out to the community that is St. Louis. I also like how my Nursing school is well known.


The physical therapy program


the people and opportunities


There is somewhere for everyone. Although it is a Catholic University, the school attempts to depict in a neutral light the aspects of the other main religions and sometimes of nonreligious beliefs.