Saint Martin’s University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Great school with a big connection with the community and a bigger one with their students.


Although Saint Martin's is small, the people here are extremely supportive and welcoming, and the faculty are extremely helpful.


Saint Martin's University is a diverse campus because of the mix of cultures and ideas each student contributes.


This school is amazing because of the wonderful environment surrounding the area with beautiful trees because of this amazing location.


My school is a place where students come to learn. Teachers expect a lot out of you, they expect the best you can achieve. The small class size is indicative to the learning environment. The vast amount of acreage that the school has allows the students to get in touch with the environment while relaxing after a long days work of studying.


Most students are emotionally immature.


St. Martin's University have one of the most diverse and enthusiastic campus in the country.