Saint Martin’s University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


My school Brandman University, was not an option in the school drop-down list and this university is located on Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The worst thing about Brandman, most people in the Tacoma, Pierce county area have never heard about Brandman University.


I really can't think of the worst thing. I thoroughly enjoy my school.


I think the worst thing about the school is the amount of money that you have to pay to live on campus, it's just way exspensive.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the feeling that the school is always trying to take more and more money at every turn. Everything is so overly expensive, and students can't take a test or do research without having to pay for some hidden fee. Paying for certain things such as laundry or a copy machine are also difficult. You can't pay with just money or sooner points, you have to put money on to your student ID card as SoonerSense, and pay through that.


I'm a transfer student, but I'm an upper classman transfer. There was no transfer program for students who were also residents and not communters. Because of this I didn't get a chance to connect to many people around my own age. I made some friends, but they are all freshman. This made the transition from being a commuter student at the Community College I went to, to being a resident very difficult. I would have liked to have a peer group to connect with. While there are services for students who have problems connecting, I like friends.


Because the school is so small, it is sometimes lacking in a few things. For example, it doesn't have enough variety of classes and only a few professors in each field which, if a student does not get along with a certain professor, they have no choice but to be taught by them anyway. Additionally, certain courses are only offered in certain semesters, making it difficult to always graduate on time if a student doesn't sign up for a class early enough.


The only thing that I dont like about my school is the prices in the lunch room!


The price for things. Not only is the tuition is expensive, but school materials and payment to be able to do certain things is expensive as well. It makes it hard to go do things with friends sometimes. However, in the end it is all worth it. This is institution is actually very nice and really works toward having every student and faculty member being statisfied.


The worst thing about my school is that some times there is not a ton of things that you can go out and do in your spare time.