Saint Martin’s University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about St. Martin's is the rich sense of school history. There are reminders of education being part of this property for years. Just like all schools, St. Martin's has average professors and amazing professors. I have been able to find some amazing instructors here with a unique view of life and brings that to their instruction time. This school has a high success rate for place future teachers, as myself.


The best thing about Saint Martin's University is the people I have met here. Most professors genuinely care about students success. The other students I have met at SMU are some of the nicest people. If you meet the right people at SMU, your experience will be far better. I have met a group of people that I love being with, and they make the college experience worthwhile.


The best thing about my shcool is that the class sizes are small. The professors get to know your name and they also pay more attention to you than they would at a larger school. A lot of the professors even allow you to set up one on one time with them to get help with the class. It makes learning and listening a lot easier.


the best thing about my school is the small enviroment. unlike alot of colleges, at my school it is easy for students to make arrangments with their teachers if they need help with work, it is also very to get help for tutors as well. i also like how my school is very big on giving back to the community.


Ide have to say the people by far as well as the teachers who are preasts. They help out alot and make sure that all students get the best out of there education. When were not sure how to handle a certain thing they show us how. The people well current students make the school a better place. Their very outgoing atheletic, kind and adventurous. They all make sure that everyone amongs us gets along and im quite gratefull for that.


The best thing about Saint Martin's University is that the class sizes are really small. This is really cool because I learn so much better when I am in a small class. All my teachers know my name, and I know theirs. I like being a person, and not just a name on a roster.


Saint Martin's University is a great small private University. With only 1250 students and class averages no larger than 25 students; it really gives individuals a strong learning environment. The Benedictine University requires classes that help expand your knowledge in multiple subjects not just your major. The classes are all taught by professors with no student aids making the flow of the class room a lot more professional. I enjoy Saint Martin's University since it feels more like a family with such a small number of people attending and the professors are there to help you succeed.


The best thing about St. Martin's University is the small class sizes and all the hlep that the school gives for acedemics.


The best part about St. Martin's is that the class sizes are very small. This is amazing because it provides you with the opportunity to have a comfortable learning experience with helpful professors, that are willing to help you whenever you need it. The teachers here can deliever personal attention to each student because they only have 23 or so students per class. Being able to have an actual conversation with your teacher in a small classroom makes St. Martins such a great school.


The best thing about my school is that it truly feels like a home away from home. The campus is small enough that it almost feels like a neighborhood. I love the surrounding city, and this school is basically the city's school. I feel part of this city through attending this university, and it is sincerely something to be proud of.


I love the fact that there is so much cultural diversity here. Students from South Korea, Ireland, Japan, and China can be found anywhere, presenting the opportunity to learn about places other than America. Also, there is a definite community feel about the campus and people that is almost like a family. It makes SMU seem like a second home.


The best thing about St. Martin's University are definitely the faculties and staff. They're very friendly and helpful. The professors are very passionate about teaching and their field of studies. These is really helpful and inspiring for me.


The environment. The people are friendly and are open to offering a smile as you walk around school and letting you into a building if you forgot your student ID. Even though word travels fast and you may have somewhat of a hard time keeping a secret between two people, there is a kind of familial aspect on campus. You feel like you've lived there your whole life.