Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College?


I brag about the community here and the opportunities we receive. We have many things here that help us excel and will make our resumes stick out in our futures.


When I went to visit for orientation, the whole staff had read my file. They wanted to make sure I knew how welcome I was, and what a great fit the college was for me. They introduced me around like I was a celebrity writer, instead of an earnest, evolving one. They made me feel unique and wanted.


The art department. The teachers in my art classes are all cool and nice. Also there is a graphics computer lab open if you want to use programs like photoshop or indesign. Also, we have have cool events on campus. We have plays, comedians, Harry Potter night (we celebrated the newest movie with a scavenger hunt/trivia) and karaoke nights. We even once made the largest blanket fort we could for fun and watched movies.


Its accreditation and its distance and WED programs for working adults.


The WED program allows me as a mother to work at my own pace as well as provides me with a good education.


How much fun I have here, even though it's an all women's college.