Saint Mary's College of California Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known to live on campus from the start. Since this is a small school, a lot of people met each other in their first year and remained friends the entire time. Coming in as a sophomore living on campus was difficult because friendships were already established. I wish I would have known to explore my options more instead of forcing myself to pick a major that I didn’t love. Although I did find myself in the end, I wish I could have started sooner and perhaps I could have done more in my field.


Before I came to Saint Mary’s College, I wish I had know more about all of the extra activities that are offered both on and off campus. On campus, we have weekly movie nights, fair trade coffee on Fridays, and a variety of arts and crafts projects offered throughout each month. Off campus, we have trips into San Francisco, Santa Cruz beach, Sierra Summit, and many others. These activities not only allow students to have a break from the stressfulness of college, but also serve as good places to meet new people when adjusting to a new place.


Before i came to St Marys i wish that i would have known that the school isnt as big as i thought it would be.


After attending one semester of college, what I wish I had known before is that no one cares! College isn't like high school where people judge others. You know why? It's because people have other things to worry about besides what it is that you're wearing or what you're doing. They have to worry about classes, jobs, futures, and other things. So with no one judging you, don't be afraid of trying new things. Especially since through experimentation, you can find out who you are, which is what college is all about.


I wish I had known more about this school social wise. I came from a big high school but I thought coming to a college of 3500 students would be different but it's not. In the beginning it felt like the were cliques but now that I am pledging a sorority, I've met a lot more new people. Besides that, I wish I knew how difficult it was to get the classes you want. Many students had to take a random class or two just to meet the credit requirements.


I wish I had known that many people go home on the weekends. I wish I had known that malls, restaurants, and major entertainment centers and activities are at least 20 minutes away. I also wish I had known that scholarship money would not increase even when tuition increases.


I wish I knew more about the food in the cafeteria. A lot of students believe then food is horrible. The school provides "good" food on days when high school students or parents are visiting. Otherwise, there is not many healthy options.


What to bring to the dorm room. Not to be scared! People are in the same boat you are.


I wish I would known that this school is not diverse at all.


i wish i'd known the low level of competency exhibited daily among the administration (business office/ financial aid/ etc.) i wish i'd known the social climate and geography of the area where the school is located


The lack of diversity.


I wish I knew how the work load would be compared to other Universities. Even though its large, there are smaller classes. It evens out.


That so many people on this campus suck so badly. I found a few good people, and I've kept them around, but we're a school full of shallow, self-centered trust fund babies.


The way that it is isolated in the hills and there is not much off-campus social life unless you live off-campus or have a car. I wish i had known how many essays i was going to be writing also


I wish I knew that I was not going to be given as much financial aid as I need, because it is rediculous how in debt I am going to be after four years if I do not start to find more help.


I wish I would have known how many people from the school are locals to Northern California.

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