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Saint Mary's is a college that is proud of its long lasting educational legacy. It is one of very few all women's colleges left in the United States. Saint Mary's is known for its small class sizes and student-faculty ratio. Saint Mary's has a unique campus community due to its close proximity and relationship with the University of Notre Dame and Holy Cross. Saint Mary's students get many perks such as Notre Dame football and athletic tickets. The best quality about Saint Mary's is the sisterhood of its students.


The most unique thing about Saint Mary's in comparison to other schools i considered is that it is an all girls school. Thus the enviornment, teaching, and learning is all different than any other school i thought about. Saint Mary's also offers a liberal arts based education which gives the classes a unique learning aspect.


Saint Mary's is unique because it is a Catholic college just for women.


Saint Mary’s college is an all-girls school that allows for students to interact easily with each other as well as their teachers. This school has many opportunities that allow students to challenge themselves through the rigorous classes and student activities that get the students involved in their community.


Saint Marys is very unique in the classroom. You will not find alot of males, considering this is an all girl school. I enjoy it though because you are not worried about the way you look when you go to class, you have more focus on the topics at hand.


The school I chose is unique because it is an all girls school. We get to work together and build strong bonds as women. Being across from one of the top schools in the US is enough to say how unique we are. I love how we can go to ND and be in all the clubs over there. There is such a great connection. It is also a small school which is better for a one to one relationship with many professors. I love how all my teachers know me by name.


Saint Mary's College of Notre Dame is an all women's college. Being surrounded by women like yourself is empowering and a very positive experience. It is a very empowering and unique place to become a well rounded individual.


It is affiliated with the Catholic faith, it is academically challenging, and is right across the street from the University of Notre Dame, which the students can attend class and social events.


Saint Mary's small, intimate class settings are very unique compared with other school settings. The classes consist of no more than 25 students, giving ample time and consideration to each individual for the most optimal learning experience available.


This school is really in its own little world.


Saint Mary's College is very small, but more attention is put on by professors.


The smaller class sizes and attentive professors make every day an exciting learning experience. The professors are committed to helping you make the best of your college experience and being the best you can in your field. The small class sizes also encourage students to actively participate in class discussions and ask questions.

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