Saint Mary's College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Many students binge drink in the weekends and many students decide that partying is more important than completeing school work. It can be frusterating to make friends because many girls stick to their own race and interest groups. Many of the students go to Notre Dame football games and during those weekends don't complete assignments and class work.


I would have to say the worst thing about Saint Mary's college is that sometimes the food isn't very good. However you get used to what is good and what isn't. The food is definetly not a deal breaker, it is just something to cope with. Every school has something a little off however if you go in with a clear mind everything will be fine.


The environment at Saint Mary's is wonderful. I love that it is an institution that is grounded in faith, but it is this faith that sometimes attracts students that are closed minded and ignorant. SMC can sometimes be a volatile place for students who are "different" to be.


The food. Sodexo is our dining hall provider and the food is good in the beginning. However, after a while it just becomes the same thing again and again. It is quite disgusting after having to eat it for three years in a row.




I would have to say the worst thing about Saint Mary's would be the cost of attendence. It was a major factor in my decision, and is still very prevelent in my life there. It is the worst part because there is really nothing I do not like about Saint Mary's and it is sometimes hard to love it so much when I know how much of a financial burden it is on my family. This was a problem when I visited becuase I loved the school so much and it was impossible for me to walk away.


I think that the worst thing about my school is the lack of diversity. It is largely an all-white population- nothing at all like my high school, which is in the same city.


The worst thing about my school personality, is they do not have a place for students with children to live. They help with finding places, but it would be nice to have a place on campus for us.


The cost.


Unfortunately, the worst thing about my school is the cafeteria food. At a girl's school you would expect the food to be girly - you know vegetables, fruits, grilled meats and lots of desserts. It seems that the menu is in carbohydrate overload. Please also, I know that care must be taken due to all the allergies and likes and dislikes of the masses, but where is the seasoning!!! You note I am only complaining about the food - the staff is exceptional!


Saint Mary's college does not have enough computer labs for off-campus students. Each building does not have a computer lab specifically for student use, leaving off-campus students struggling to check their email throughout the day and inbetween classes.


I would consider the fact that the majority of the students are from upper- middle class and wealthy families to be the worst thing about my school. I feel this way because it is often hard for students who come from a lower class to easily fit in. Being an all girls school, we often try to fit in by looking at what the fashion trends are, but when the majority of girls are wearing North Face coats, Ugg Boots and carrying around designer bags, it makes it very difficult to fit in.


Not enough social events

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