Saint Mary's College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Personally, I wish I would have known that owning a car is a necessity. Not much is located around the campus, and most big named companies, like Walmart, or fast food places, are located a drive away from campus. Due to financial circummstances, however, I was not able to bring a car with me.


I wish before coming to Saint Mary's College that I knew how to completely rely on being independent, and that it's okay if you are alone. Adjusting to college often felt that I was being left out of the loop because everyone was off doing seperate things, when in reality we all were doing what we needed to do to be succesful.


I wish I would have known the real social situation at Saint Mary's. It all looks good on paper to "study at SMC and party at Notre Dame," but it is a hassle to get to Notre Dame, and the dorm parties are hot and disgusting. I have made no guy friends after a whole year and there is absolutely nothing fun to do on campus. There is also no sense of community and nothing to get invloved in at SMC. You have to go to Notre Dame for any fun at all. I wish I had known this.


I think I knew everything I needed to.


I wish I had known more people that went to Saint Mary's before I started so that my first few months may not have seemed so lonely.


What I wanted to major in.


I wish i would have known I needed to use my time more wisley! College is tough and you need to put alot of time into doing your homework or studying. I had to get into the habbit of multiple things going on at once and needing to get them done in a timely matter. I wish I would have known before how much all my books, supplies, and cost to go to any college was going to be this much! I would have sarted saving way earlier.


I believe I was acurately prepared to attend St. Mary's. There wasn't much that came as a surprise to me. The adjustment from home to school was relatively smooth.


I wish I would have known how much the professors and staff really do care about your education and success in life. As scary as it is to go to an all girls school everyone is very nice and outgoing. The dorms are a great way to meet new people and possible life friends.


What it would've been like to go to an all girls school. It's not a bad thing, but there are days when you love it and days when you don't like it so much.


I wish that I had known the intensity of the academics here. There are a lot of classes that on has to take. There is a lot of pressure to do well here, but it is worth it.


I wish that I had known what my major would be. It makes it difficult because now that I've taken film classes at Notre Dame, I would love to major in Film, but SMC only has a film minor, which is brand new.


I wish I had known how amazing my experience would have been! I would have chosen to go to SMC first.


South Bend weather is terrible.


They did not work well with study abroad


I wish I knew how to manage my money better.


This school is a lot more challenging than many give it credit for. We learn a lot in our small classes. I wish I had known that there is a little bit of animosity between Saint Mary's girls and the Notre Dame girls across the street. I don't know why, but there is. There are plenty of people on both campuses however that do not take part in this animosity, but be on the look out for those that do.

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