Saint Mary's College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Saint Mary's is the professors. They are always there to help us. They always have their doors open for us and they are always so nice. They made me first semester of college a great experience. I never expected my professors to be so kind and understanding. I dont regret going to Saint Marys thanks to me professors. They are all the best.


Saint Mary's College is a Catholic school. I am Catholic so that was part of my reasoning for attending this school. I love that there is a chapel in every hall. This makes going to mass so much easier. There are so many options for mass. There are sessions in the morning and at nights. I have become stronger in my faith life because of Saint Mary's. For me, going to mass is a great way to relieve stress. All of the chapels are so pretty too.


I think the best thing about my school is the all womens education. I am learning how to find my voice and become independant in the world. To me, this is important because college is supposed to be about learing who you are, Saint Mary's enables me to do that.


I I consider the best thing about Saint Mary's College to be the effort that the teachers put in to their students' learning. They are focused on students gaining and education and do not consider their own research to be their priority.


I think that the best thing about my school is the fact that the classes are more personal. This really helped me during my first year. And I think that if I had gone to a larger school, I would not have gotten the help that I needed. I also love the professors. They know your name and they will work with you to fix whatever problem you are having in class.


Saint Mary's is very focused on helping students succeed. The small class sizes allow professors to give each student personalized one on one attention that nurtures a very safe and inspiring learning enviornment. Each student is encouraged to explore her talents and abilities to find their calling in life. Each student here has all the recourses she needs to be successful both in college and in life after college, whether that means going onto Graduate school or starting a career. Saint Mary's empowers women to be confident leaders who aspire to change the world.


The best part of Saint Mary's is definately the feeling of living in a community. Everyone is friendly and more than willing to help you out whenever needed. The school always has campus events where we can come together after a long day of classes to relax and just hang out with our friends. Another wonderful part of our school are our classes. The classes are small and the professors know us by name and are always available to help us outside of class time.


the fact that it is an all women's college and women get great attention and inspriation to do well academically and in many other ways and they are encouraged to challenge themselves. They are given the opportunity to succeed and get good careers after graduation. I think women are suppressed in this world a lot still and here we do not have any double standards or limits to what we can do.


It is an all women's campus which empowers women.


Teachers really care about their students, it's an engaging learning environment, it's a true community where you'll make friends for life and feel like you belong.


I would say that small campus and great alumnea


The best part about Saint Mary's are the close, personal relationships that are developed with other students and the faculty. These are strong bonds that will last a lifetime and can help you in the end with finding a job or graduate school. The professors are very friendly and helpful. The students here are wonderful and great people to know. I have never felt excluded or left out here, even though I am a non-traditional student, everyone is very sincere and inclusive. There couldn't be a better environment to recieve the amazing education that you do here.


Small class sizes

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