Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Beautiful Bluffs and green scenery, The cardinal mascot, catholic traditions, religious tolerance, on-campus housing, small class sizes, small convieniant campus, helpful new student orientation, international students


Saint Mary's University is best known for being diverse.


Saint Mary's University is a liberal arts school and that means that music and the sciences are some of the best programs in the area. We are also known for creating well rounded students. Saint De la Salle wanted all of his students to be educated in not only thier major, but all of the areas of study. That is exactly what Saint Mary's does and that makes each student that graduates a well rounded individual with competency in all areas of study.


The small class sizes, the sense of community, the service for others, and doing your best. Work hard and play hard.


Our science, education, and business programs. We really do actually have a phenominal science program though and I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of it. The professor to student relationships are almost all amazing! They are great teacher and I really feel like the want me to learn and to succeed.


We are a Liberal Arts University and have fantastic music and theatre programs as well as a great education program and pre-degree science programs. Our professors may not be world-renown, but they all have "real world" expereinces related to the field they are teaching in. Saint Mary's does a great job when hiring professors.


Education and Business programs I guess


How friendly the students are.

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