Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Top Questions

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Saint Mary?s is unique because we are located in the bluffs and you can literally walk out of your dorm and be surrounded by it. Our school will let you rent mountain bikes, canoes, and other equipment that will let you experience the outdoors, which other locations you just can?t do that. The really unique thing about our school is our professors. They have barbeques and invite their students to their house, and have a good time. Which allows you to get to know them personally, where in other schools you would just get to know them professionally.


The most unique thing compared to the other schools that I applied to is the size. SMU has about 1200 undergraduates, this is smaller than the high school I attended, but the perfect size for my undergraduate experience. The classes are just the right size so that everyone has a chance to participate in discussions and ask questions. The amount of students at school sponsored activites and extra curricular activites is also perfect, it gives everyone the chance to participate and have fun.

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