Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The lack of activities to do during the weekend. There are lots of events during the week but not many during the weekend.


Unfortunately it is a small school in a small town, which leaves few choices for things like groceries or finding school supplies. Also, the school is seperated from the main town so in order to reach almost anything you need a car. It is possible to walk to some of the closer places but you can't get too much since you have to walk back and it does take a bit of time.


The food in the cafeteria.


It's so secluded, I feel trapped much of the time. I'd rather be somewhere I feel free to do what I please.


That it is seperated from the town, but at the same time, we have wonderful bluffs around us to go hiking in. There is no pharmacy on campus, if we need groceries or anything, we have to go off campus to get it, and have find a car for that. And that it is growing faster with each class coming in and we don't have enough housing for everyone sometimes.


It is very small and has very little school spirit.

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