Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is getting around to places. For example, getting around in the cities.


Housing, I want there to be an option to have roommates, but have your own bedroom. Having an on-campus apartment with single bedrooms would be great.


The only frustrating thing I can think of would be the cafeteria food. I have never been fond of it.


The most frustrating thing about this school is that it costs a lot to go here and they can only help you out so much. Most loans and scholarships are based on the idea that your parents will be paying for your schooling and that is not necessarily true. I could use a lot more help fiancially and I know that I will not revievce that because my parents are well off.


Being at a Catholic school, I feel segregated sometimes because of my religion and my sexual orientation; Catholics don't take too well to gay athiests.


It reminds me of a "post-high school" in the social scene. It's INCREDIBLY friendly during freshman year, but once cliques start to form, they're pretty distinct and if you make a mistake, EVERYONE knows about it.


The cost of the bookstore, and the quality of food that Chartwell's serves. The food is over priced at the Cardinal and Cotter Cafe, and the food in the Cafetria is unappealing and not very good. The bookstore is making more money off of us versus making money off of us and making books affordable and accessible.

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