Saint Michael’s College Top Questions

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What makes Saint Michael's College truly unique is the community and the beautiful Burlington area. The students and faculty at Saint Michael's are a tight niche community that great everyone with open arms and a warm smile, it is a vibrant area filled with warm, compassionate people. And the Burlington area is beautiful; Church Street is timeless and classy, with lovely boutiques and shops. And if shopping isn't your thing, Vermont is home to beautiful country-sides and amazing mountains that are just waiting to be explored.


Saint michaels comines my desire for the convenience of a city (Burlington, VT) with the laid back atmosphere of a small town. Both of these seem to be polar opposite ideals, but they are both acheived at St. Mikes.


Honestly.... I wish I never had to leave. I had such an amazing time there and made the best friends of my life. I learned so much and walked way with such pride for my school. I still visit often (my sister is now a sophmore there!) and read the SMC newspaper every week.


super super friendly people, very welcoming, small classes, enthusiastic teachers


It's an all residential campus with friendly people.


St. Mike's is a very tight community where everyone seems to know everyone. The campus is beautiful and very close to Burlington. There's always something to do on or near campus.