Saint Norbert College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A home away from home.


Friendly, caring instructors who provide a quality education.


SNC is a great school for B+ high school students who are motivated to work just that bit harder.


Saint Norbert College is a small school, however every single professor I have encountered has been willing to help as long as I have taken the initiative to ask.


My school is a great place to further you education.


Saint Norbert College is a catholic, liberal arts college that teaches students to achieve both academically and personally while paying immense attention to each individual's unique learning style, personality, and values through the use of educated professors, small class numbers, and close student-faculty relationships.


St. Norbert College is a school that encourages a love for lifetime learning and offers great opportunities to build solid relationships wheter it is with faculty and friends on campus or even people in the wider community and across the world.


Everyone is there own person. No one is looked down upon for their own beliefs. People say who they are, and are able to show this through the many activities and clubs available to join. St. Norbert has over 100 clubs and groups - this is amazing for such a small school. We are also very environmentally aware and focus a lot on volunteer work. It is another home for many of the students that attend.


The college makes you feel a part of a close-knit community and manifest through the people that are a part of it.


It provides students with a personal relationship with their professors and encourages a sense of community within the friendly learning environment.


My school is very demanding academically, but gives the support needed to be very successful.


St. Norbert College is a academically challenging school with a strong sense of community.


St. Norbert College is an academic institution that focuses on preparing a student for their global world, helping them create a core set of values, and is known for their faith, peace and justice, and leadership/service programming.


St. Norbert College is a welcoming community


St. Norbert has a community feeling that allows students to achieve their personal and academic dreams.


My college is just like a high school.


St. Norbert College is a smalll school with the character of a large school that offers a diverse range of majors but allows for individual help on a by request bassis.


Home away from home.