Saint Norbert College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school should be open-minded, hard-working, and willing to try new things or take risks. Putting yourself out there socially as well as academically will make your college experience all the more worthwhile. Try not to judge people, because you never know what they are truly like until you get to know them first. Be willing to explore your interests and take chances. I would have never figured out my true passion in life unless I took a chance and tried something new.


If you're looking for a mentally challenging school that allows you to make true friendships, then St. Norbert is the right school for you.


Those who thrive in community settings and community building. The College is filled with opportunities to draw from other people so its helpful to if you gain energy from human interactions. The community is all about embracing people in solidarity and helping individuals discover their own identity. If you seek mutual understanding with others and are looking to join a community that is open to sharing intellect and abilities to create a compassionate world community, then this is your college choice. If you wish to build honest connections both on and off campus, St. Norbert College gives you the resources.


Anyone who is interested in being close to his/her professors. It's a very small college, and the incentive is that classes are very small and students get really close to their teachers. The campus is becoming more and more diverse because they highly encourage diversity and give great financial aid. So anyone who can, can attent, and if they don't have enough fund they can always get scholarships or take loans.


A person that is willing to experience new things, has an open mind, and enjoys a sense of community.


Someone who wants to attend small classes and wants to live in a small community


Someone who enjoys a small campus atmosphere or who learns best with smaller class sizes.


fun people


Anyone looking for a smaller school where they can participate in classes (lecture classes are limited at 35 people) or a school where they can have a community atmosphere. Also everyone, at least in Wisconsin, has heard of St. Norbert and knows that its a highly esteemed school, so if you're looking for a job in the state, it's a good school. We have the best education program in the state of Wisconsin - however we lack in special education, speech pathology, and music education. If you're looking for any of these more specific fields, choose UW-Oshkosh.


enjoys small school environment


I think the kind of person that should attend this school is an outgoing, friendly and focused person. This school is not very easy to get into to and you dont want to waste the time you have here, so you must be focused on what you want to get out of the school.


One who is open to meeting new people and focused on learning and preparing for their future.


Someone who likes a smaller town.


Likes smaller school and smaller city, other than that I don't know. There is definately a party scene, but if you don't like that it is easy to avoid by finding friends who don't party which you can find by joining different extra curriculars.


Someone who is passionate about learning and not just there to get a degree.


Someone who likes the feel of a small town and is driven to succeed should attend St. Norbert.


The type of person that should go to this school, is a person who truly values an education and wants to do well in the future. Also, who likes the idea of a smaller populated campus, and samller classrooms making it a smooth transition from high school to college. Another thing to consider is that there are so many different things offered at St. Norbert that are not offered at other schools. The price is high, but it pays off with the benefits included.


Someone who likes small town life and is active in their (Catholic) church.


Someone looking for small class size and school size. But somemone who realizes that this is not a limitation but an oportunity to interact with classmates and professors.