Saint Norbert College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that is not willing to put in hard work, and dedicate themselves to higher learning. Someone not willing to open up to others and communicate. A person that does not have the drive to do a large work load and manage their time doing numerous other activities around campus. It basically comes down to willingness to compete with all other students in class and out.


If you're looking for a large school, then Saint Norbert College isn't the school for you. We have a small campus which I think is great because it encourages a very close-knit community. We emphasize radical hospitality which is encouraged by the professors, students, and employees on campus. If you are looking to enroll in a school with a large, diverse student population, then although Saint Norbert is an amazing school, I would suggest that you look elsewhere.


The kind of person who does not care about acedemics. A heavy drinker or partier and a person who is not social. Even due to this all students are able to accomadate and any kind of person is welcome there is a place for them.


The ind of person who would not fit in at St. Norbert College is someone who is not openminded to other's opinions, someone who isn't prepared to take their schoolwork seriously, or someone who prefers a large, diverse campus. Our students are serious about their schooling because of the cost of attendance. However, we definitely get what we pay for with the small amount of students in each class and the personal attention we receive from professors. Academic success is expected at our school, and it's easy to achieve with the proper mindset.


Someone who is not from Wisconsin or Chicago basically. Packer fans are preferred. If you plan on going to Med school, probably not the best option because the science facilities are not the best.


I think a person should come to SNC and make their own judgment before basing where they go from what they hear or read. But, the person who probably shouldn't attend is someone who is unwilling to challenge themselves and the way they think.


Someone who likes the feel of a big city


It is a very social campus so if you are more of a keep to your self person this might not be the place for you. On the other hand if you need a big city this would not be the school for you.


Someone who can't get over the size of the school and thinks it isn't a good school because it is small.


Someone who is not outgoing, friendly and who's not going to work hard and doesn't want to make a lot of friends. They should have a love for life and should be interested in getting the WHOLE college experience--if they're not, then they shouldn't come here.


People who should attend this school should be outgoing, ambitious and like the feel of a small close community. People who like personal attention and small classes with very helpful and available faculty and staff should attend St. Norbert College. It is a great school for people looking into the fields of Buisness, education, communicatoins, Sciences and Liberal Arts. People who like the feel of a family will love this school.


Don't know.


someone that likes challege, and the small school lifestyle where everyone knows everyone


If a person is looking for a big, crowded campus in an urban setting, they shouldn't go here. If students don't like to study and do a great deal of writing, they shouldn't go here.


Any person looking to just straight party and looking to skip class when ever they want and expect to pass should not come to this school.


Anyone who does not like the small town, close community feeling. Persons wishing to compete in division I or II sports.


St. Norbert College accepts all types of students, we don't discrimante.