Saint Norbert College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Professors are easily accessible to students whenever they may need help academically. Also, St. Norbert College provides a quality learning environment where you feel comfortable and no discrimination.


The students and professors. The students are friendly and will befriend you just by sitting next to you in class, and the professors because of their commitment to the students, their jobs and their academics.


The best thing about St. Norbert College is the community. Everyone, students and professors, are very friendly. I know tons of people on campus and am always meeting new, friendly people. The professors are great too. I did not expect college professors to be so friendly. They always say hi when you pass them in the hall and work with students all the time.


I appreciate that students are free to direct their course of study, in accordance with their own desires. When I could not decide as to what I wanted to major in, I was able to adapt an Individualized Major to suit my career goals. I have found support and encouragement to follow my dreams and to pursue my goals despite that they are not "officially" being catered to. The professors have gone out of their way in accomodating my specialized program and have made themselves indispensable to my inquiries.


When I first started school, I never realized how much it would change my life. Saint Norbert College has always been an amazing thing. I love the school primarily for its academic excellence. That is, I have never been challenged so throughly intellectually. Prior to college, my longest study session lasted no more than the first half of the Packer game. And yet, though I find myself spending days in the library, I find that I have grown to be a more mature, understanding person. Because of SNC's academic reputation, I am able to fully interact in the world.


I think that there are two great things about this school. The first thing is the small community atmosphere where everyone trusts everyone, yet you are close to Green Bay and can get out and do things in town still! The second thing is the job placement out of this college. It is a college known for it's academics and especially it's buiness and education programs and the job placement ratings are incredible.


The small class sizes and the student-faculty interaction.


So many great people, students and professors. Very fun!


Friendly environment, willingness of campus community to help each other and the world around it.


The friendships that people make--not only with their friends but also with the staff and faculty. And the fact that all the staff/professors know you by name and not a number.


My friends are the only good thing about this school right now.


I would say the best thing about this school is the personal attention and small classes. You can always find help and get extra help from your professors. They are freindly and always avaialble. They will accomodate your every needs and even go out to dinner or lunch with you to get to know you better. THey are very personal and want to see students succeed.


the teachers are incredibly dedicated to student success. they genuinely care about how you're doing. they're extremely accessible-they even give you their home and cell phone numbers!


The best thing at this school for me is the community. The campus is faily small, but there is a plethora of activities to get involved with. We have a church right on campus for Catholic/Christian students, since it's a Catholic institution, and students make up the choir, children liturgists, readers, greeters, and catechists. In the academic areas, students work in the writing center, library, computer services, and as tutors. I can't begin to list the different clubs on campus because if there isn't one and somebody has an intrest, they can easily start a club.


I think the best thing about our school is the close community we have here. It is not hard to get to know a lot of people because of the smaller classes and smaller campus. There are many events that take place where it is easy to meet people.


It is more than a college, it is a community. St. Norbert's faculty has made me feel like I truely am a Green Knight. I feel like I fit in here, that this is where I was meant to be.


The small size of the classes allows the teachers to get to know you and to taylor learning to ways that will help members in the class the best


The involvement that each student is allowed to have and how each organization preps students to be a leader in their fields.