Saint Peter’s University Top Questions

Describe the students at Saint Peter’s University.


the students are very diversed but unfortunately reserved. Its pretty difficut to open up to a bunch of strangers but as time goes on, we become family. MOst students dress city style, flamboyantly decent and sort of show offy but everyone has a personal intrest.


The students at SPC are really diverse. You can seriously find any sort of person there, and there are tons of clubs for people to join and connect with like-minded people or people who they can relate to.


my classmates are very diverse, smart, and hard working.


Most of my classmates are 'seasoned' citizens (by that I mean we are adult students); some of us are returning to school, others are entering undergrad school for the first time.


Almost all my classmates are out going and cool to hang out with.


My classmates are participating, smart and ready to get through with college.


My classmates are wonderful; they are like the rainbow.


My fellow classmates are very energetic and unique.


They all are very nice.


My classmates contribute to the class when the teacher shows how he/she cares about the students well-being.