Saint Peter’s University Top Questions

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Saint Peter's University is not much different from any other college on the surface. It has typical school hours and classes, and holds the typical school events; sporting, clubs, societies, etc.. However, there is something that cannot be explained, a feeling of comfort. A feeling that everyone is there for a purpose and to help one another. I have yet to make a single friend, but somehow I still find myself desiring to be on campus during the weekend just to be could in that amazing atmosphere.


I love the jesuit eviroment and the small size classes.


My current school (SUNY Downstate) is unique because provides an opportunity for the disadvantaged to excellence in health related professions without paying the costs of a traditional private school. They provide amazing hands-on experiences and allow students to brighten their horizons by being exposed to many different cultures.


The education, the tuition, the campus, and the professors.


what is unique about my school is the amont of funds they give out. however there is always a problem when a new semester rolls around.theh reason i call this unique is because i have not heard my friends from other colleges complain like the peers at my college complain.


My school tends to have talent shows about five times a year. It's a unique thing to have because students who hide their talents are able to expose their real side and impress the other students who had no idea of their special talents.


the diversity rate, and where the school is located.