Saint Peter’s University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Not only is Saint Peter's University my first and only chosen school, but attending the university is like being part of a huge, diverse family. The amount of students living on campus is nothing like other universities but it is definitely an adequate amount to make you feel at home. No one I have met is judgmental or bias in any way. In the beginning, I felt homesick almost every night before going to bed but now when I go home during breaks, I feel homesick being away from school. I have learned to truly love and appreciate my school.


Best thing about the school will always be the diversity of religion, culture and way of life. Although it's a Jesuit school, it accomodates everyone equally, matter fact, it has a muslim prayer space! I like the school but I detest the space area. I do not appreciate the very thight spaces. But thinking about it, being that it's a school in a major city, they are a decent size. When I tell my friends that I go to this school, they simply nod or give me a oh. It is not a big school (attention-wise). It's an 'ohh' school -- respectable and decent. On campus, I spend most of my time in the recreation center swimming, playing basketball, pool or ping pong. This is a very proud school but we take our pride a bit too far. Proof: our mascot's a peacock! I find that funny. It makes the school unusual since I can walk up to my friends and boldly flaunt my pretty peacockiness. The one experience that I will always definitely remember is the freshmen orientation. They are too well welcoming. The most frequent complaint would always be about the dorming aspect. Unfortnately, I can give out only a little detail about that since I commute! Commuting to the city is a quality experience!


It's a pretty good school, although it might be too small for some people. There's always tons of stuff to do, both on and off campus, and the people are generally cool. There's also a lot of great teachers and subsequently, a lot of good classes. It's a solid school.