Saint Peter’s University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


To attend Manhattan College, a person should be interested in utilizing New York City to further their cultural education, as many of the professors organize trips to events in the city as part of the curriculum. Students should also be motivated and willing to work hard.


The kind of individual that should attend Saint Peter's College is a person who is interested in small college or university that doesn't require a lot of on-campus travelling. If an individual is interested in attending a college or university with a great diversity in culture and ethnicity, Saint Peter's College is highly suitable for that individual. If the individual is seeking a college or university that provides outstanding financial aid and scholarships, Saint Peter's would be an optimal school to choose.


St. Peter's College is suitable for scholars of all ages, for both undergraduate and graduate. I find that the adult program is particularly efficient, inasmuch as it offers a variety of options for the adult scholar to complete their collegiate requirements - whether it is via evening courses, online courses or weekend courses. The staff at St. Peter's is particularly accomodating and aspire to cater to the individual needs of their students. At times, I have needed to meet with an advisor after work hours in the evening and they have become available to me in each instance.


The students that should attend this school are those that want to get something out of their education.


A student who is driven and can afford the tuition


Someone who is focused on their education.


a person who is outgoing and community involved