Saint Peter’s University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back I would tell myself to not take college lightly. That the world is not going to bend at my will; to humble myself before the institution of higher learning and to remember that it decides my fate of where I may go. Also to keep in mind the goals of the future at all times and learn from the mistakes of the past. Finally, to remember that time is both a friend and foe, be wary.


The advice I would give myself would start preparing for an awesome ride. I would like tosay trust , believe, dedicate and love myself to continue on this ride that will turn into an adventure. The journey is where I would be able to discover who and want I to apply myself to uplift my family as my community to heights that was never thought to be achieved. The chaos and the insanity of the experiences as a high school student would be more than worth it. The life lessons I have learned have prepared me for my destiny to be a force to be reckon with.


If I could go back in time and speak to my past self, I would tell him to take his last year of highschool seriously. I will warn him that he has no idea what's waiting for him on the other side after graduation. In a way, college is the closest you can get to being on your own without fully being on your own. You get to decide when you eat, when you sleep, what time you have class, and other things that were out of your control before. But with all this newfound freedom comes great responsibility. You have to learn time management, because it's very easy to get overwhelmed with work while in college. I would tell him to be careful, and not let his social life interfere with his work, because for the first time in your life you're paying to go to school. If you flunk, you either drop out or pay to take that class again. It might sound scary, but I will assure him that he can handle it, and to strive for excellence in everything he does. College, much like life, is what you make it,


Opportunities are endless. When you go to college, make sure you take full advantage of all of the resources on campus. You can rise above and become a leader within your campus community through intriguing research experiences unrelated to classwork Make as many network connections you can with your professors. These are the guys that will give you the best advice on how to succeed not only in the classroom, but also in life. Professors will take you under their wing by telling you their experiences and teaching you new things. Also, be sure to have an equal balance between being focused academically and socially. You need to know when you might have to skip a party to work on a paper, but papers and assignments should not be completely detrimental to your social life. Be sure to also take care of yourself. The "Freshman 15" is a real thing and it is important to keep yourself healthy. If you are coming into college with unhealthy habits, now is the perfect time to begin changing! Most of all, do not lose yourself. College is a new journey of discovery; keep humble and stay focused.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not stress out too much and try to relax. Don't be overwhelmed by the details. Step back and see the big picture.


I would tell myself that everything could be easily obtained if i take my time and work hard.


If I could go back in time and tell myself about college, I would first remind myself that college isn't free. Every decision I make should be the right one because I'm paying to go to this school. Also I would tell myself that college is the house of opportunities and that once one comes towards me and its beneficial to me I'll take it. Another thing i would say to myself is not to burn the bridges people have built for me, meaning don't cut off friends or professor that are actually trying to help me. Lastly I would tell myself don't get too upset when I make mistakes because I'm not perfect, no one is, just learn from them and apply it to everyday life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, and knowing what I know now about college life and making transition, the advice that I would give myself would be save every penny I made, and I should have majored in Psychology first and than go into nursing. Also, life after highscool is not an easy path, and to always keep my head high. Life is full of surpraises and disappointments, but that is what makes you transition from a teenager into an adult. An adult takes life as it comes and learns from the disppointments, and a teenager just gives up. Also, everything happens for a reason, and if God didnt think you can handle the situations he put you in, he would not have put you in them.


If I were talking to myself as a high school senior, I would make sure to encourage myself to work hard and stay motivated. Good grades and being involved in many activities guarantee good scholarships and an easy transition into college life. I would also encourage myself to take every opportunity possible so as to experience as much as I can.


I would advise myself to apply for more scholarships. I would tell myself to get organized and prepare myself for the work load. I would advise myself to be more open to meeting people and making new friends. I might also advise myself to be a little more active in school and in the community as well.


As a young child, I was faced with civil war in my country, Liberia, which left my mother and I displaced and my dreams replaced by hunger, violence, and the lack of education. Three years ago, the idea of a post secondary education seemed almost impossible for me. I was marginalized by poverty and a disadvantaged educational system. My mother, who is a single parent, could not afford to finance my education. However, with persistence and financial aid, I was able to attend college—a decision that has led to a wonderful transformation in my life. Having the opportunity to attend college is a privilege that my parents never had; Therefore, I know the significance of an education. My college experience has allowed me to learn about new cultures, which have altered my perspective in a way so that I am able to see beyond my adversities and truly appreciate life. Through education I have found hope, perseverance, and most importantly my voice. The growth that I have experienced through my college experience has enabled me to further define just why education is important to me.


The invaluabe sophistication recieved through the intermingling with other students of various cultures, ages and religions. i am now in the 'seasoned' years of life and I've been afforded a chance to return to school and complete my lifeling desires of obtaining an undrgrad degree, and a graduate degree. I first need the tools to FINANCE both life gaols. The college experience is INIMITABLE. I regret not completeing these goals earlier in my lifetime. It is extremely important to have the proper tools for sucess. SPC certainly is equipped to equip those who enter it's corridors focused on education, to go on to life of success and fulfillment.


Majority of individuals would say that over the course of their college experience they have matured more , became more socially active, and have become more learned individuals. I can reflect on those themes and clearly see that it's the same experience that students had when attending a high school. One main experience that I gotten out of my college that I did not receive at my high school was an appreciation and a love for learning. In high school, I was just taught to memorize information, but here at Saint Peter's, the professors enlighten students to question the material they have just learned. From doing so, I have developed a better understand of the material that I have learn as well as to appreciate and love it. I believe that learning to love the material that is taught to an individual is far greater than just knowing it. With this new experience, I can enhance my further learning experiences if I attend a graduate school, and I owe this new found experience to the professors at Saint Peter's College, for whom I give much respect to.


I first attempted to obtain my undergraduate degree at Drew University. Due to personal and financial reasons, I was compelled to interrupt my studies. After some time, I have realized that my desire to learn has continued unabated. I have now resumed my studies, and I aim to not allow any obstacle deter me from that goal. The experience at Drew University has proven to be pivotal in my success today in my career as a Legal Assistant , as well as in my personal life. What I hope to accomplish as a student at St. Peter's College now, is to gain a degree so that I can further my studies and attend Law School. An education for me is valuable, not only for the benefit of accomplishing my professional goals, but also to serve as an example to my ten month old daughter. I am fervent about pursuing my educational goals, as I hope to be a mentor to her throughout life. I hope to lead her by example, and teach her not to allow obstacles to stand in the way of a goal. Time will pass regardless, and we should put that time to the best possible use.


After two years of working at a chemical plant as a supervisor and an Associates Degree in Electronics, I decided to move to Colorado in hopes of finding a better life. My goal when I arrived was to find work that would allow me to fund my everyday life and also save to further my education. I accepted a job in Denver at a corporate hotel chain as a desk clerk. I was promoted to supervisor and then to the Assistant General Manager where I successfully managed a team of twenty employees and the hotel for six years. I began to realize my job wasn’t very rewarding and at the end of the day I didn’t have a feeling of fulfillment. I did some serious thinking and decided I needed a field that I could succeed in and feel like my accomplishments would contribute in a positive way to the larger picture. I have chosen to return to school and study the field of renewal energy. My goal is to earn two Associates Degrees; one in solar and the other in wind. A college education will lead to a promising career that I can be proud of.


I've gotten so much out of my college experience. I've come across amazing professors that have helped me out so much. You learn through college that you get back what you put into it. You learn the value of hard work and determination. Hard work and determination is something you will use in every aspect of your life. I've learned what it's like to fail certain classes, but then to get right back up and go at it again. These professors weren't out to fail me or make my life miserable. They were here to push me to my potential and to watch me excel beyond my wildest dreams. Every professor was there to help me through and see to it that I do my best, but it was my hard work and determination that helped me through. I will continue to use these qualities in every aspect of my life to come and will overcome any challenges in my way, no matter how big or small.


I basically got an eye opener out of my college experience. I wasn't really all that prepared for the workload that I recieved so far at Saint Peter's College. I was more warned about the workload then experiencing it. People say that you are more free in college then you are in high school. That isn't true. You just have more options to choose from, more rules to uphold, and more distractions from your work. I guess what they mean by "more free" is the fact that your parent(s) aren't around to tell you what to do. Yeah, they aren't there, but you will wish they are at some times. There have been tons of times where I wished my mom was around so she could tell me what to do. Yet, college is supposedly the experience people need to learn how to be an adult.


A great education.


If I went back in time and was able to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would research all the schools I completed an application for thoroughly. I would visit every school just to get an insight of how it would really be. I would dig deeply with financial aide and scholarships and tuition, so I won't have to be in this dilemma of paying for college right now. I would decide to take only core courses my first year to accurately decide what field I would like to study. I would most likely consider to myself to go out of state and experience more and get away from my highschool peers and meet new people. I would definitely consider a school that consist of a music program so I can get a scholarship for playing either the violin or viola and continue playing with an orchestra. The most important thing that I would definitely be on my back about is tuition and ways of paying for my education. The least thing I would remind myself is getting in a school with a sorority I might want to consider being a part of.


As I went back in time, I realized that I was seeing myself as a high school senior again, running around the school to get my applications done. I felt so lost, and this process was annoying, but I knew it had to be done. Since I knew what college is really like, I would tell myself to not be picky or lazy. Colleges have been established for a reason, and just because everyone seems to be going to the same college should not put me in shame. Also, since I will have financial problems with anything too expensive, I should not mind staying close; things will be more convenient that way. It saves time, money, and gas.


If i were able to go back in time and give myself advice, i would really benefit from that. I would make sure to mention that there is a lot more free time in college than im used to. This free time shouldn't be used to only relax but you should try to look over notes and get involved with different things going on in the school. Also I would tell myself to take homework more seriously because it counts as a large part of my grade. The transition isn't as hard as it may seem, especially in my school it has a wonderful family like environment. There is no need to worry about anything because the teachers are always there when you need their help as long as you make the effort to help yourself.


I would tell myself that anything is possible as long as you have the desire and ambition to accomplish your goals. It does not take a genius to excel in most fields of study, you just need to have determination. Expose yourself to as many different people as possible. It will help you understand different cultures and will be useful in any field that you choose. Make good long lasting impressions on those that you come into contact with because you never know when you will come into contact with those people again. Follow your heart and you will never be steered in the wrong direction.


I would go back and tell myself to try to do your best during the first semester and do not let yor social life mess up your academics and your work comes before anything and also never cram before a test make sure u start studying at least 2 days before the test if you can.


I would say do not wait for anything last minute. Always do things before time so that you dont stress yourself out. And always have a balace with college and your social life. Dont ever give up on college, always think its going to be worth it all one day. Apply for as many colleges you can, and go to the best college that is suitable for your major.


That I would have actually chosen the school that I really wanted to go to.


I would tell myself that having fun while in college is something that many put in front of their studies. I would tell myself that keeping a clear mind while putting fun aside will help me reach my goal faster and it will give me the skills needed for the work force. Having fun is all good, people need fun to get rid of stress, but keeping on top of work will make the experience all the more enjoyable. It will enable myself to enjoy my friends without needed to leave early to do homework.


The first thing to look for is what college scenario best fits you, the student. Then take into consideration the costs of colleges that you want to apply for. Then apply to those colleges and leave none of yourself out of the application process. Being open when applying is a major piece. Then, when you get your acception letters, chose a college and have fun!


The advice that I would give parents and/or students about finding the right college would be mainly to dirst start by asking themselves why are they going to college. The next thing they would need to do would be to figure out what is it that they want to do with their life and if it is their own decision that they are making and not someone elses choice. People have to come to college with the right state of mind and a full set of goals that they must come up with. College is a life long lesseson that should be learned. Students shouldn't take college for granted. Although college is about making choices, this is not somehing that should be taken lightly. Anything that you may see as an advantage to you and your future should be taken advantage of. The decisions that students make should be for that individual student. You should never depend on others because college is all about being independent and making your own choices.


I believe parents should go on campus tours with their sons or daughters so that the parents are well aware in the kind of environment their children are in or will be spending their academic career in. I would also advice parents to make sure they talk to their children about the college life and what goes on in today's world. College could be a very fun, one of the best moments in your life if the person knows how to value it. For all the students, I would recommend to always keep in mind that college is a time to work on his or her future and it should be priority before going out with friends to drink. First and foremost, I would simply recommend them to have good clean fun.


Visit the campus first, and talk to other students.


Make sure you really look at the colleges you want to go to. Take visits and ask as many questions as you want. Don't settle on one school because of money.


Where they feel welcomed, comfortable in the enviornment, able to focus, and if they offer what interests you.


Do what is right for you and your future!


the advice i would give to the parents is to let the child chose. also do not go to a college because it fits your money problems. stand on GOD and the money will come. pick a college that you an see your self at. yes there will be problems because thats life but when you find the right one you will know. visit other friends colleges and read about it.!!!!!


I would advice parents or students to join "freshman" for a day programs. It's important to have a "feel" in order to understand the college life and to see how it "works" before initially picking a college. In other words, it serves as a "preview" and gives flexibility for a student to choose a college of his or her choice. At the same time, a student can make most out of the college experience through joining clubs. Clubs serve as a foundation for networking among other students within the school. You find support among friends as college can be "demanding" with projects and such.


The best thing for parents and students to do when it comes to deciding what college to attend is to actually visit the school and attend their open house events. It will really help students capture the idea and objective of the specific school they choose. It will also help them become familiar with their surroundings and give them the opportunity to tour campus and possibly meet with their future professors of their desired major. They may also have the opportunity to speak with financial advisers and negotiate a meal plan, tuition payment plan, and board & housing plan. Visiting the actual school will help the student become comfortable with the institution and possibly even meet current students of their choice school. Parents may also get an idea of what their child's school is all about and gain the trust of the institution so their worries of letting their child go on their own won't be much of a concern.


To make sure its the college of your choice, and not some where that your going because you parents want you to, make sure its an equal decision. enjoy it, because the friends that you make there are life long friends.


I would let them know college is about finding yourself and doing what makes you happy. Also, stay foucsed on your school work, but at the same time don't forget to have some fun! College is about experiences and making new friends. I've heared that ones college friends are usually their friends for life. Just take a chance, plain and simple.


Do not restrict their kids by not letting them go away to a far away college, visit the college with the kid,


it is very important to keep your options open and not go with the first school you visit. Once your there, even if you do not like it, only YOU can determine if you will have fun and be succesful. Make the best of it


Find an affordable college where you or your child can make good friends and allow a student keep good study habits as well as have fun every once in a while.


The best advice that I would give parents or students about finding the right college and making the best decision for them is to go and experience the college life for a weekend. Go on campus tours, communicate with the different students in the college and get responses. Also a great idea is to sit in a class and feel if you like the big classroom or the small classrooms. Feel the environment and the atmosphere of the college, and then you will find out if this college best suits you or your child.


i would advise incoming freshmen to go in as undecided and explore different fields in their first year before picking a major and i would also advise parents and students to avoid colleges that are specifically designed for one area of study such as pharmacy or med unless the student is positive that they will not change their mind.


make sure it's something your child wants because if they don't like it, then they won't want to be there and it would b a waste of time, money, and effort.


Visit the school carefully because you are going to be spending multiple years of your life there, so choose wisely.


Figure out the college that best suits your needs. For example, pick the college that has your desired major, clubs, or any extra-curricular activities you would like to participate in. When you apply, stay on top of your guidance counselor and make sure they submitt all of the papers such as your transcripts or reference letters. As a high school student, you want a college that will satisfy you, choose carefully.




I would tell students and their parents to make sure they research each and every school they are interested in. Also, factor in that tuition increases almost annually so to choose a school that not only is best academically but also financially. If possible, be involved in sports and activities, as well as complete volunteer work. Overall, just to keep options open and to be well informed before choosing a school.


When finding the right college make sure that you do reasearch and make sure that they have the major that you are interested in for some colleges do not carry all majors. Choose the college that you think would accomidate your lifestyle and that you know you would like to have your college experience at. Always remeber to have fun but make the right decisions first. Stay focused in your studies because that is what you are there for. The most important thing to remember is to be successful in everything that you do.