Saint Peter’s University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The Best thing in our school is the driving force and determination of the adminstrative support to help the students excel their own expectations.


The great opportunites it provides for its students to get a job in their field right after graduation.


The best thing about this school is how open and friendly everyone is. Although this is a Jesuit institution, we have many other religions on campus. The school does its best to celebrate every religion and ethnic groups. For example, we are celebrating chinese heritage by dedicating a day of events and dinning meals to the chinese culture. Another great thing about the college is the availability of professors and advisors. and the care they show towards their students. The school is also only 15 minutes by train away from New York City.


The opportunity to learn different things based on their requirement of core courses and such on. And the chance to meet different rces of people.


It is a decent sized school, which allows the students to interact with the teachers. This allows students to access the teachers outside class through varied resources.


the best thing about my school is the diversity and the strive to better a students life. there is ample opportunity to start you own club. there are so many good things about this school that keeps me here and it is right next to the city.


I consider the classroom size to be the best quality of saint peter's college because it allows everyone to have the a good amountof attention from the profesor.