Saint Vincent College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Best known for a quality education in the liberal arts tradition. We focus on well rounded students as we have to take over 40 credits of core courses. Our academics are very good, but we are accepting of less academically inclinded students initially.


Saint Vincent College is known for a lot of things ranging from Business to the Benedictine Community. Academic wise, Education, Science, and Business are the strongest programs. The students are known for being outgoing and very involved. Community Service is a part of almost everyone's education path and the Theology and Philosophy courses are required, as well as Fine Arts and a Language. With these requirements, we are known for our Liberal Arts Education, and leaving the school as a prepared adult ready to join the working world.


Being the best.


My school is best know for a friendly, community atmosphere. Also, it has a great reputation as a small Catholic, academically rigorous school. The school of the natural sciences and the business school are rather excellent given the small size of the school.


The McKenna school of business and small class sizes.


Basketball team and academics.


Athletics and Academics


steelers and mister rogers


My school is best known for the community it has created and the bonds formed between the people that attend.


McKenna School of Business - President Bush also spoke at the 2007 Graduation Ceremony