Saint Vincent College Top Questions

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This school has a very strong sense of community. Saint Vincent College has a small-town feel that creates a comfortable and open atmosphere to make it feel like home for many students. The school also concentrates on preparing students for their prospective careers and fosters an understanding for the real world's expectations of college graduates.


I think that Saint Vincent College is a caring college that stimulates growth by challenging students and motivating students to make a great future for themselves


Small, cozy, nice campus. Easy to get around.


Freedom to study abroad anywhere while still receiving school financial aid, small class sizes, professors who genuinely care about and are involved in the lives of their students, benedictine values


The monastery incorporation into the school. I enjoy living near and with monks, it's a different experience and it's very interesting getting to know some of them. They also make very good professors for the most part as well.


St. Vincent is a benedictine college. The students and faculty are not only helpful but always friendly. The college is a family and you always feel welcome. We were the first benedictine college in the country and the history of the shool is extensive. The buildings are both old and new and the college is absolutley beautiful.


Monks are cool. The buildings are a mix of old and modern.


The landscape is beautiful, there is a Gristmill/coffeehouse, and also the vast history surrounding the college, and the seminary co-exists with the college so students are exposed to monks.