Saint Vincent College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My professors! They are amazing! They are experts in their field and they actually teach exceptionally well. They are easy to get along with both in and out of the classroom. They have full conversations with you about what you want to do in life and how to get you to that point (they also will discuss the latest "The Walking Dead" episode with you).


Small classes, state of the art facilities, and engaging professors.


When I tell my friends about my school, I brag about all of the opportunities I have found here. There are endless amounts of clubs, every Wednesday there is an activity going on, there is a Wellness center on campus, and the staff are always available to meet with you for extra help. The people at Saint Vincent truly care about their students, and the housing, staff, and Activity Programing Board really shows it.


The size of my school is perfect. You know almost everyone you see because it is such a small school. Some people don't like this, but I think it is nice. I like being able to pass people and say hello to them, knowing who they are. I also like how the professors take an interest in me. First semester freshman year I was struggling in a class and the professor took me into his office weekly and taught me studying skills that will help me for the rest of my life.


Since coming to Saint Vincent, I believe I have grown a great deal spiritually. I have met some of the best friends I will ever know and hope to have them as friends for a life time. The academic expectancies are significant, but as a result, I believe I will be well prepared once I leave this college. My professors are knowledgeable and excel in their fields. They are very approachable. I have been on one mission trip to China and I hope to go on another one. My experience has been very positive.


How difficult it is and how well I've done.


small classes


Great academics.