Saint Vincent College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Saint Vincent College? Why?


In my opinion, the worst thing about Saint Vincent College is all the classes you have to take in addition to your major core classes. It is a liberal arts college and I was aware of that before applying. As an accounting major it is difficult for me to focus on classes that do not pertain to my major. I understand a well rounded person is someone with knowledge in all categories but I feel there are too many mandatory classes.


The worst thing about Saint Vincent College is the lack of divertsity among the student population and the indifference for student's welfare as shown by various departments on the campus. Although the school's diversity is growing, various departments and areas of the school choose to ignore student compaints, requests, or opinions. This does not include the teaching staff, who show great concern for the student body, but rather the college's operational staff, such as public safety, events and conferences, etc.


I don't really have anything I consider to be really bad about my school. Sometimes I miss some good home cooking and my own bathroom but that isn't anything too significant.


There is not a lot of cultural diversity and there is a lot of work and very high standards. There is an ideal on campus and everyone is expected to strive for the same things.


The Catholic tradition is closed- minded.


class size is drastically increasing (core courses and depending on your major), taking away from the individual student


I think the worst thing about my school is that it's very conservative and overly religious for people who are not Catholic. During the election I was harassed for not being a conservative and had my door vandalized. And the school is plastered with religious insinuations especially from the school president who insists that everyone should be in church on Sunday.


The worst thing I find about my school is that there isn't much to do for fun off of campus. Our activities programming board is excellent in providing on campus events and such to attend; however the off-campus selection of activities is lacking. We have a mall, movies, bowling alley, and Wal-mart and a ton of pizza shops. There are no dance clubs or anything, so in order to find something like that to do, you need to go to Pittsburgh which isn't always easy. This is by far the worst thing about Saint Vincent.


The science department teachers are great and deserve a better environment to work in, the science laboratories aren't in the best of shape.


I believe the worst thing about my school is its Catholic and conservative nature. I feel that as a liberal Protestant, my opinions are not always valued in some of my classes (namely those taught by monks) and I feel that many of the students here use their religious and political beliefs as an excuse to be arrogant close-minded bigots because that kind of behavior is excusable for them in and out of the classroom on this campus.