Saint Vincent College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The monopoly on meal plans is rather ridiculous. All on campus students have to buy a meal plan, which is over priced. They cannot even use these meal plans at local restaurants. To top it off, there are only 2 places on campus for students to eat and hardly any abilities for late night eating.


The administration, because they are very frustrating to get ahold of when you need them the most. They do not answer emails promptly or get work done easily.


The student body tends to have the same conservative background and are unwilling to entertain any ideas that can be perceived as liberal.


You'll have to devote time to study. Serious time. Like at least twice more than the amount of time you spend for fun.


The administration does not adequately listen to its students and as a result there is no student-administration cooperation. The administration limits and denies most student opinions and does not allow us to grow and create our own ideas about life. It places money into departments, such as athletics, that do not need the funds or do not do well while organizations and other facilities on campus crumble and fall apart. Students and faculty are afraid to speak their minds and it is not condusive to a liberal arts learning environment.


How long it takes to register for class and the meal plans. Also, the president there now.


Trying to learn how to manage your time. You have so much freetime but at the same time if you don't manage it will then it will never seem like you have enough.


The work and its difficulty


The most frustrating thing about st. vincent is scheduling for classes. Its hard when you need a class and it is not offered or when all the classes you are trying to take or need are at the same time. Just remember to make a few back up schedules and be prepared to get classes you don't want. As long as you make it through the first tw years you'll be fine. The more credits you have the earlier you get to schedule.


the students are very closed minded to people who are not white or people who are homosexual he financial aid loses important tax papers and forms fequently