Saint Vincent College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


College is not like high school. You actually have to work hard. You have to manage your time. You have to give up on temptations like hanging out with your friends or becoming involved in drinking and you need to go to the library instead so you can get the grades you need to. Don't wait until the last minute to study or get your work done. You will be much happier if you study a little bit every day.


I wished I knew this place is so hilly so I wouldn't have brought a bike. Moral of the story: it's not just what's your major, what's the school strength, etc. Knowing your environment to the tee really helps.


How to balance all the work and social life.


There appears to be a lack of school spirit. There is very little progressive thinking among the students. A large portion of the student population goes home on the weekends. The school is not very green friendly. There is no alternative music scene.


Nothing. Orientation gives wonderful direction into how the school is set up and how the school is run. You learn everything about the school before even attending it.


I wish I would have known more about the advisors and scheduling. Right now, we're in the process of expanding which can make it stressful when it comes to scheduling and finish all the requirements on time for graduation.