Saint Xavier University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Generally students at the school are very open, accepting, and kind toward one another. We have a LGBTQ Alliance at the school, and professors post "safe zone" stickers on their doors to let you know it's safe to talk with them about LGBTQ issues. There are clubs for different religious groups as well as racial groups, and it helps celebrate the diversity in us, but also brings us closer together. The atmosphere is laid back, with students usually wearing hoodies and jeans to class, but I often see students wearing pajamas or other informal clothing. I have found that most people fall either left or center in the political spectrum. Since we are a Catholic school that celebrates our Mercy heritage, there are many religious right students and faculty here, which is also celebrated in our diversity.


Imagine looking at an old photo from the early 20th century. When you think of anything c oming from that century, you mioght think of black and white. That exact analogy best describes my classmates. Although, there are other racial ethnic groups, as there are shades of grey hue in any old photograph, the majority of the larger picture is black and white.


Pretty diverse, mostly accepting. A little bit on the conservative side because it is a Catholic school, but plenty of liberals to be found.


I am enrolled in the communication sciences and disorders and the majority of people enrolled are females with a conservative, goal oriented and responsible mind set.


My classmates were supportative and friendly, everyone wanted to see you succeed.


they are heart warming and they make everyone feel needed and makes them feel like they belong there


Over all I enjoy the student I attend school with.


The students at Saint Xavier University Chicago are extremely diverse, spontaneous, intelligent, and dedicated to their education.


no motivation


Helpful and caring, we look out for eachother.


They are all unique in their own way


My classmates act like they're still in high school.


As you get to upper level courses the students who care more about their schoolwork seem to emerge.


Classmates are very helpful when it comes to studying or tutoring.


They are friendly and helpful.


My classmmates at SXU are helpful, the upperclassmen help new student and student who have already had the rofessor tell the other student what they are like.

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